Fast charging solid state battery developed in -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Fast charging solid state battery developed in Germany -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media, researchers at the FZJ ü lich Research Center in Germany have found a way to quickly charge solid state batteries. They showed that their concept can make the charging current ten times higher than before, and the key is to select materials that have always been well compatible.

In this way, solid state battery materials can be well matched in chemical and mechanical aspects. According to researchers at the Leahy Research Center, all components of solid state batteries are made of different phosphate compounds.

Dr. Hermann Tempel, head of the Energy and Environment Research Institute (IEK-9) of the Ulrich Research Center, explained: "In order to let the maximum current pass through the battery layer boundary, we used very similar materials to produce all battery modules. The anode, cathode and electrolyte of the battery are made of different phosphate compounds, which can make the charging power more than 3C (about 50mAh/g), 10 times higher than the power found in the data."

The battery designed by the researchers can be charged in less than an hour. Their method solves the biggest obstacle of solid state batteries - low current, which is why solid state batteries generally take 10 to 12 hours to fully charge. Tempel added: "We use the concept battery composed of favorable materials to shorten the charging time. We have applied for a patent for this concept battery."

The materials used in this concept battery are reasonable in price and relatively easy to process. In addition, the researchers said that the new solid state battery basically contains no toxic substances. However, this is only the beginning. Dr. Shicheng Yu said: "In the early test, the new battery was very stable in 500 charging and discharging cycles, and 84% of the original battery capacity was saved, so it is feasible that the capacity loss is less than 1%." In the future, researchers at the Ulrich Research Center will further improve this fast charging solid state battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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