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Fast-charging lithium-ion batteries attract industry attention -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In the new energy vehicle industry, technical problems such as difficult charging and long charging time have always been one of the obstacles to the promotion of electric vehicles. In the case that the charging facilities cannot fully meet the demand, the core problem of all this is that the charging technology of electric vehicles is not up to standard and cannot meet the requirements of fast charging. Power vehicles that can meet fast charging have become a dominant demand in the industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

However, new market demands will inevitably lead to the emergence of new technological innovations and products, in all walks of life.

"The second-generation fast-charging lithium battery we released this time can shorten the charging time to 15 minutes." In the 3rd China (Shenzhen) Public Transport Urban Development Forum in 2013, Zheng Zhuoqun, director of the Technology Center of Weihong Power System Co., Ltd. introduced. , In the current situation that the general charging technology of new energy vehicles cannot meet the fast charging, the industry needs to make changes.

Advanced power battery technology

According to Comrade Ming, general manager of Weihong Power (Huzhou) System Co., Ltd., Weihong Power's first-generation fast-charging battery product - LpTO? lithium titanate battery has accumulated more than 60 million kilometers in operation on more than 900 buses , while the second-generation product released this time still retains the characteristics of fast charging capability and long cycle life of more than 10,000 times, its energy density and economy have been significantly improved compared with the previous generation of products. Passenger cars offer a better energy solution.

"The single cell of the multi-component composite lithium battery still has a normal temperature cycle life of more than 10,000 times when charged at a rate of 6C, which is twice that of the best lithium iron phosphate battery products in the world. After grouping, it can meet the charging rate of 4C. It means that the battery pack can be fully charged within 15 minutes." Zheng Zhuoqun introduced that the weight energy density of the multi-composite lithium battery has also reached 120Wh/kg, surpassing that of lithium titanate and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The discharge capacity of the multi-component composite lithium battery at low temperature (minus 20 degrees Celsius) can reach 78% of the normal temperature, and has good low temperature performance.

The launch of multi-component lithium battery products makes up for the shortcomings of fast-charging lithium titanate batteries with low energy density and energy-type lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries that cannot be quickly charged, and provides pure electric vehicle products that truly meet the actual needs of public transportation operations. innovative, more feasible, and more economical solutions.

"The improvement of product performance stems from the research and development of basic raw materials." Comrade Ming told reporters that the multi-compound lithium battery uses the porous composite carbon of Micro-Macro's patented technology as the negative electrode material. The increased specific surface area and pores also greatly increase the number of lithium ion migration and intercalation channels, enabling fast and stable intercalation and extraction of lithium ions. This solves the long-term technical bottleneck that hinders the rapid charging of high-energy-density graphite anode lithium battery products, and greatly prolongs the battery life.

This technology also greatly improves the battery safety compared with the traditional graphite anode lithium battery. The multi-component composite lithium battery group has passed the compulsory inspection of the National Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The inspection test includes 9 safety tests including short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, heavy object impact, drop, extrusion, acupuncture, height simulation, heating, etc. Ion battery" safety standard.

Features of fast charging

"Slow charging and long time consumption are the common problems encountered by most electric vehicles that are still in operation." Comrade Ming believes that the biggest difference between Weihong and other power battery companies is that they have a deep understanding of how bus users can solve the technical bottleneck of pure electric buses and improve operation. Efficiency needs, and use its own development capabilities in the field of basic material chemistry to actively find more feasible solutions for first-line bus users.



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