Fali solid-state battery electrolyte separator -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Fali solid-state battery electrolyte separator -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, Shanghai Enjie, Weilan New Energy, Tianmu Pilot and the Management Committee of Jiangsu Liyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone officially signed the "Enjie Solid Electrolyte Coating Diaphragm Project Investment Agreement".

Specifically, Shanghai Enjie, Weilan New Energy, and Tianmu Pilot will establish a joint venture company in Liyang, Jiangsu to implement the Enjie solid electrolyte coating diaphragm project with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan to jointly develop and produce solid electrolyte coated diaphragms. And special customized coating diaphragm.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Prior to October 21st, the above-mentioned three parties signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement". The three parties reached a strategic partnership in the direction of developing new technologies, new products, new processes and achieving cooperation goals for the future, and jointly established a solid electrolyte coating separator. The company cooperates to develop and produce coated diaphragms and special customized coated diaphragms.

It is reported that the joint venture will be controlled by Shanghai Enjie, Shanghai Enjie holds a total of 51% of the company's shares, Weilan New Energy holds 25% of the shares, and Tianmu Pilot holds 24% of the shares. The joint venture will give priority to Weilanxin in the future. Energy and its subsidiaries supply.

Enjie shares said that the establishment of the project company will further promote the in-depth cooperation between the company and Weilan New Energy and Tianmu Pilot, and integrate the advantages of all parties in technology, manufacturing, process, products and intellectual property rights. Joint research and development in the field of ion batteries, and actively promote industrial technological innovation.

Li Xiaohua, vice chairman and general manager of Enjie Co., Ltd., said at the signing ceremony that the company, together with Weilan New Energy and Tianmu Pilot's new project, settled in Liyang, aiming to integrate the most advanced diaphragm coating technology and technology in the current and future period. The products took root, sprouted and developed in Liyang.

Future projects will also become an important part of the new energy industry, especially in the field of lithium-ion batteries, further promoting Liyang's industrial upgrading and industry progress, and making due contributions to the local economic and social development.



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