Lithium battery key material technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Explain the current status of the technical status of key materials of lithium batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In terms of positive material materials, domestic companies are in the upperisement, both technology and scale, and future development prospects are expected; in terms of negative electrode materials, domestic companies have a comprehensive leading advantage.

The electrolyte is controlled by foreign companies because of patents and core additives, and the formula is subject to the client. Domestic electrolyte manufacturers have actually become substitutes. In terms of diaphragm, domestic companies have made their technological progress slow. Those who are essentially solved from the problem, the industry needs to be stirred.

Positive Materials: The concentration of the industry will be further improved, and the three yuan materials are worthy of attention. At present, there are about 200 domestic materials manufacturers, and more than 70%of the ten manufacturers account for more than 70%of the market share. There are many small manufacturers and fierce competition. The advantages of ternary batteries are higher than lithium iron phosphate. More. The market is expected to become the mainstream of power lithium battery in the future in the future, but in a short time, it will be a process of security assessment and the process of promotion. Related listed companies: Shanshan Co., Ltd., Dangsheng Technology.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Negative materials: High industrial concentration, strong and strong. The total market share of the top four companies in the world is 78%, and negative materials show highly centralized. The prices of graphite negative materials have continued to decline in recent years, and this trend is expected to be maintained in the next few years. Through the expansion of the production scale of negative materials in domestic industry, the domestic industry leading companies can strengthen the bargaining ability of the company's product raw material procurement and improve the efficiency of production equipment to enhance market competitiveness. Related listed companies: Baoan and Shanshan shares in my country.

Electrolytic liquid: The prosperity of ingredients hexofluorophosphate will continue. Due to its high technical threshold, strict production technology requirements, long -term environmental protection approval and equipment procurement time leads to a long period of expansion. The expansion cycle is more than 1.5 years. It is expected that the production time will be after the mid -2017. More than 1 year. Related listed companies: multi -fluoride, heavenly gift materials, Bikang. It is expected that in 2016, with the implementation of the old orders and the signing of the new order, the price of lithium -ion battery electrolytes that can be rapidly rising in the price of lithium ostefluorophosphate is expected to usher in a wave of price increases. Related companies: Xinzang, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific, Shanshan shares.

Dividation: The alternative space for high -end products is large. In the past few years, the high gross interest rate of lithium batteries has attracted a large number of new entrants, and the new output is concentrated in the low -end product field, which has caused low -end products to provide too much. The market share fell from 77%in 2010 to 56%, while high -tech barriers made domestic supply in high -end products far lower than market demand, especially about 90%of high -end products was imported diaphragm.



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