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On July 18, Cangzhou Mingzhu announced that the three production lines of the "105 million square meters of wet lithium-ion battery separator project" built by the company in two years have all completed trial production and have been officially put into operation. Not long ago, a number of listed companies such as Innovation Shares and Putailai announced that they would enter the field of lithium-ion battery separators on a large scale. This not only reflects the increasingly mature technology of the diaphragm industry, attracting more and more companies to enter, but also indicates that the industry competition will become increasingly fierce.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Cangzhou Pearl takes the lead

When Cangzhou Pearl announced in 2016 that it would invest 592 million yuan to build 3 wet diaphragm production lines, it did not expect that the industry would become such an attractive big cake two years later.

According to the company's announcement, in July last year, the first production line in the project was officially put into operation. Now, the related equipment of the remaining two production lines has been debugged, the trial production has been completed, and it has also been officially put into production. According to the company, it will take time from the start of production to full production. With the commissioning of the new project, Cangzhou Mingzhu has completed the preliminary layout of lithium-ion battery separators and has a certain advantage in the industry competition.

According to statistics, the company's wet process diaphragm production will reach 190 million square meters; dry process diaphragm production will reach 50 million square meters, and the dry process diaphragm project with an additional 50 million square meters will be put into production in 2018, when the dry process diaphragm output will reach 50 million square meters. 100 million square meters. Judging from last year's annual report, the company's sales revenue in lithium battery separators last year reached 430 million yuan, and the gross profit margin was as high as 47.75%. The company's diaphragm products have entered the ranks of the largest domestic lithium-ion battery manufacturers, such as BYD, CATL, etc.

According to a person in Cangzhou Mingzhu, lithium battery separators have grown into a fully competitive and mature industry, and the recognition of downstream battery manufacturers is a decisive factor, which is a test of the company's cost control ability. The commissioning of the project will increase the production of the company's wet-process lithium-ion battery separator products, and enhance the company's profitability and market competitiveness.

In recent years, with the continuous popularization and application of global digital products and the explosive rise of power application terminals such as new energy vehicles, the rapid development of the lithium battery diaphragm industry has been strongly promoted. Judging from the current market situation, the price of wet-process diaphragms is slightly higher than that of dry-process diaphragms.

Listed companies have stepped in

The separator is one of the key components of lithium-ion batteries. The quality of the separator directly affects the battery capacity, charge-discharge cycle life, flame retardant and anti-explosion safety performance and other indicators. At present, among the four core materials of lithium-ion batteries, positive and negative electrode materials and electrolytes have all been localized, but high-end lithium-ion battery separators are still technically short, and nearly 50% of high-end separators still need to be imported. The huge profits of the high-end diaphragm market have attracted many listed companies, and domestic substitution of imports is becoming a reality.

On July 4, the SME Board Company Innovation Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to implement the Wuxi Enjie New Material Industrial Base Project in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The investment of the first phase of the project is as high as 2.2 billion yuan, and it mainly develops the manufacture and sales of lithium-ion battery wet base film, functional coated separator and aluminum-plastic film. It is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2019, with an additional output of 1.5 billion square meters of wet diaphragm and 150 million square meters of aluminum-plastic film.

On July 3, Putailai announced that it planned to acquire a 66.67% stake in Liyang Yuequan held by Ningbo Pengfeng for 262 million yuan, and to deploy the lithium-ion battery wet separator business.



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