Energy lithium battery achieves breakthrough -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Energy-type lithium battery achieves breakthrough, new energy vehicles welcome development opportunities -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, through the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements by well-known domestic lithium battery authoritative experts, a new high-performance super-energy lithium battery with multiple world-wide invention patents was successfully developed and produced by Guangdong Huanyu Green Ao Technology Co., Ltd.

The upcoming new high-performance super-energy lithium battery will replace the traditional liquid electrolyte technology with new gel electrolyte technology, and replace the traditional solid structure technology with hollow elastic interlayer hollow-core structure technology, realizing the development of new high-performance super-energy lithium battery technology. Successfully transcend. According to the test report of the Northern Automotive Quality Supervision, Inspection and Appraisal Laboratory on May 28 this year, the high-performance A1-350AH super-energy new lithium battery submitted for inspection by Huanyu Liao Company has 32 technical indicators that have significantly exceeded the national standards. standards, and have all refreshed the highest technical level of large-capacity energy lithium batteries in China and even the world.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The safety issue of liquid electrolyte lithium batteries is another technical bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicles. When a car is driving in abnormal road conditions, once a collision occurs, it will inevitably cause the electrolyte to burn. If the battery pack is squeezed, it will cause a short circuit in the battery, leading to a chemical reaction in the battery's electronics, posing safety hazards such as flammability and explosion. The high-performance super-energy new lithium battery using a new gel electrolyte has high flame retardancy and thermal stability, which basically eliminates the possibility of combustion and explosion caused by electrolyte spillage due to car crashes.

The successful research and production of this battery will bring major development opportunities to my country's new energy vehicle industry and will also drive a significant increase in demand for lithium batteries. BYD (002594), a leading electric vehicle company, will see a sharp increase in sales next year; Shanshan Co., Ltd. (600884) is the domestic leader in lithium battery materials, with both positive and negative electrode materials and electrolytes ranking among the best in the country.



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