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Energy storage battery should have "long life, low cost and high safety" -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In recent years, building a resource conserving and environment-friendly society has gradually become the consensus of all countries, and the rapid economic development has a huge demand for electricity, making energy storage technology a topic of continuous concern and discussion among governments and industry.

Professor level senior engineer from the Institute of Electrical Engineering and New Materials, Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences, said that at present, renewable energy has the characteristics of "difficult to predict, difficult to dispatch and difficult to control", so it needs supporting energy storage technology for coordination. In terms of energy storage battery technology, it is required to develop in the direction of "long life, low cost and high safety".

In terms of practical use, energy storage batteries are very different from mobile phones and electric vehicles. Electric vehicle batteries pay more attention to specific energy. It is required that under the same volume and weight, the more power stored, the better. In most cases, the energy storage battery does not have strict space and weight restrictions. However, with the fluctuation of wind and light in nature, the energy storage battery will also be charged and discharged frequently, so it needs to have a longer service life.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

At present, energy storage technology has been able to help improve prediction accuracy, scheduling flexibility and control accuracy in some optical storage demonstration projects, but the cost is still too high. Users are usually very sensitive to the energy price, which also requires the energy storage battery to further reduce the cost and improve the cost performance.

In addition, there are security issues. Energy storage is still a new technology for power grid and power system, especially for high energy density batteries. There may be some potential safety hazards, which need to be improved technically to avoid.



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