Energy density lithium iron phosphate breakthro -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Energy density lithium iron phosphate breakthrough -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

At present, it is mainly affected by government subsidies. If there is no subsidy, there will be great opportunities for lithium iron phosphate in the passenger car market in the future.

As the time of subsidy recession gradually shortens, there may be more and more opportunities for lithium iron phosphate in the passenger car market.

Recently, the ninth batch of Catalogue of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles released that Jiangxi Antchi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Antchi Technology") supports FAW Jilin pure electric passenger vehicles with lithium iron phosphate batteries, with an energy density of 141.7 wh/kg and a range of 301 km.

Gaogong Lithium has learned that the specific energy of this single battery pack cell of FAW Jilin, which is supported by Antchi Technology, is 180wh/kg. At present, the technology is mature. In the future, depending on the specific market situation, it will be applied in large quantities as soon as the end of the year.

Coincidentally, at present, the specific energy of Guoxuan Hi Tech's lithium iron phosphate monomer battery cell has reached 180wh/kg, and is currently in the stage of small batch supply.

Analysts from the High Industry Research Institute of Lithium Electricity (GGII) believe that the energy density of lithium iron phosphate power battery is continuously increasing, its cost advantage is prominent, and its safety advantage is obvious. With the decline of subsidies or even the complete elimination of subsidies, the market demand will be in the hands of consumers, who pay most attention to safety issues. Lithium iron phosphate batteries will still have some applications in the field of passenger vehicles in the future.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

How to break through LFP energy density

According to the public information, the specific energy of the square aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate battery produced in mass in 2018 is about 160Wh/kg, and some excellent battery manufacturers have reached the level of 170-180Wh/kg. Compared with the unit specific energy of 140wh/kg produced in mass last year, battery enterprises have further improved their energy density this year.

In this regard, Bai Ke, the chief engineer of Antchi Technology, introduced that the improvement of energy density is not a single aspect of improvement, but a comprehensive optimization and matching from the aspects of cell design, material selection, process matching, production equipment, etc. At the same time, it will also do some lightweight design in pack. The main practice of the company is to make some optimal matching in the selection of some materials, find some matching points suitable for the materials in the process, and introduce some relatively advanced processes.

For example, in the aspect of positive electrode materials, some improvements have been made in the surface morphology treatment and strength matching of positive electrode to improve the compaction density of positive electrode; The anode is still made of ordinary graphite, mainly to optimize the formula and increase the content of active substances; The electrolyte and diaphragm have also been optimized.

It is understood that Guoxuan High Tech and Antchi Technology have some similar practices.

Dr. Li Xinfeng, Vice President of Guoxuan High tech Battery Research Institute, said: "In terms of research and development of lithium iron phosphate battery, the company has made great breakthroughs in energy density, safety performance, rapid charging capacity, low temperature discharge capacity, over-current capacity, cell life and other aspects of lithium iron phosphate battery by increasing basic research on materials, optimizing material system structure, increasing improvement in cell design, cell structure design, and improving the control ability of production equipment processing accuracy 。”

It is worth noting that, considering the comprehensive embodiment of efficiency and qualification rate, the higher the energy density, the more bottlenecks in production and manufacturing, such as difficulties in production, rolling, liquid injection, etc.

Baike said: "On the basis of the existing process and materials, the goal of Antchi Technology is to achieve the specific energy of lithium iron phosphate monomer electric core of 200wh/kg by 2020. In the future, with the progress of process and material innovation, the increase of energy density is unpredictable."

Guoxuan High Tech said that the specific energy of lithium iron phosphate soft package monomer cell in the company's laboratory has reached 200wh/kg, which is expected to increase to 210-220wh/kg in the future.



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