Electric vehicles will charge 15 times faster -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Electric vehicles will charge 15 times faster -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Many manufacturers are now playing word games with consumers on battery life. For example, the so-called unplugged one day mostly refers to working hours (8 hours), and there is no laptop that can be unplugged for 24 hours. Of course, All this is not that PC manufacturers are not aggressive, but that battery technology cannot reach this level.

Now, we are excited that researchers at Northwestern University believe they have created an excellent new material for batteries and supercapacitors, helping to improve the range and charging speed of electric vehicles. . The material is called a "covalent organic framework" (COF), an organic crystal structure with many pores suitable for energy storage.

New energy storage battery materials

Chemist William Dichtel and his team supplemented it with conducting polymers, and the result was a "modified redox COF." Dichtel believes it benefits both batteries and supercapacitors, both of which are important for electric vehicles. The researchers claim that their material is stable enough to withstand 10,000 charge-discharge cycles. Its energy storage is 10 times that of non-modified COF electric energy sources, while the charging speed is increased by 10-15 times - it can be said that it is the best of both worlds.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In practical applications, batteries can store large amounts of energy under slow discharge; while supercapacitors charge very quickly, but absorb very little energy. However, it is still unknown when this technology will be able to reach the consumer side.



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