Electric vehicles usher in a fast-charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Electric vehicles usher in a fast-charging battery revolution -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

NawaTechnologies officials said that after the incorporation of carbon nano-supercapacitors, the charging speed of lithium batteries has been significantly improved, and the weight has also been significantly reduced, which can increase cruising range and performance output when applied to electric vehicles. The start-up company in Marseille, France, is developing a new type of battery, which is believed to bring disruptive changes to the traditional electric vehicle industry after its introduction.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The core product of NawaTechnologies is a new type of carbon nano-supercapacitor, which has significant advantages over traditional lithium batteries in many aspects. First of all, this supercapacitor has a charge-discharge rate 1,000 times that of a traditional battery, and can charge a car in just a few seconds, even three times faster than a traditional car refueling.

And because there is no chemical reaction, just a physical separation between protons and ions, ultrafast charging doesn't cause the battery to heat up or swell. This means that carbon nano-supercapacitors have a very long service life and can charge up to 1 million cycles.

And this is just one of the advantages of this new type of battery, Nawa believes the biggest advantage is green. Nawa co-founder and COOPascal Boulanger said: "For me, that dream of not using lithium, cobalt, rare earth metals is about to become a reality. These materials are very polluting and the process of extracting them from the earth is very complicated."

"Nawa's supercapacitors use only two materials, carbon and aluminum. Our carbon source comes from nature and is a sustainable resource that we don't need to mine. When I created Nawa, I wanted a real, sustainable resource. A sustainable way to do it. It's my dream to build a safer and cleaner energy source.



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