Electric vehicle lithium ion battery problem -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Electric vehicle lithium ion battery problem -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

1. Lithium ion battery cannot be charged

The electric vehicle lithium -ion battery does not enter the electricity. There are several reasons: the charger is connected to the back or the charger fails; the protective board protector does not restore or the protective board failure;

Find the above problems in order: whether the charger is connected, whether the battery pack charging the positive and negative electrode plug is connected; the re -use electrical appliances to relieve the protective board protection, the measurement of the protective board MOS tube is driven;

2, lithium ion battery cannot discharge

Electric vehicle lithium -ion batteries cannot be discharged normally when used. There are several reasons: Lithium -ion battery voltage lows the protective board protection or controller protection; the protective board or controller is damaged Open.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

When solving the above problems, you can use the problem of charging lithium -ion batteries, finding a protective board or line connection to solve it.

3, lithium ion battery dissatisfaction

During the recycling process of electric vehicle lithium -ion batteries, it stopped charging before charging the lithium -ion battery when charging. This situation is that due to the inconsistent single string of electricity or capacity of lithium ion batteries, the high or low capacity is fully fulfilled. The protection of the protective board has stopped the charging process without full battery electricity.

This situation can be used to recharge the lithium -ion battery with a balanced charger to keep the voltage of each string of voltage. If the capacity difference is large, the battery with a large difference must be replaced. However, the most important thing is that before the battery packaging, the capacity detection and matching capacity must be performed. Otherwise, it is troublesome to disassemble a single string of disassembly and disassemble.

4, short battery life

The use time for electric vehicle lithium -ion batteries is very short. The reasons for this situation are: the battery is not fully charged; the single string of voltage capacity is large; the battery pack is slightly short -circuited or the lithium -ion battery self -discharge causes the battery pack to be fully charged. Essence To solve the above problems, recharge or replace bad battery cells for lithium ion batteries.

5. Lithium -ion battery voltage is inconsistent

Electric vehicle lithium -ion batteries are composed of multiple battery cells through series and parallel. They have high consistency requirements for the battery cells. Although lithium -ion battery plus manufacturers is paired, lithium -ion batteries are wrapped in long. During the use of time, the voltage of each battery is inconsistent due to the battery error, resulting in a decrease in the energy of the entire set of output to the battery pack. Such a question.

6. Environmental temperature

Lithium -ion batteries have high requirements for the use environment and too high temperature, which will enhance the self -discharge rate of lithium -ion batteries, especially high temperatures will greatly shorten the service life of the battery.



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