Seeking breakthroughs in battery industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Domestic companies seek breakthroughs in battery industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

At present, more and more Chinese enterprises are joining the fuel cell industry, including 41 Chinese automobile enterprises, as well as auto parts enterprises, industrial capital, etc. However, the promotion of hydrogen fuel cells in China is currently limited by the construction of hydrogen storage and transportation technology and hydrogen refueling station infrastructure.

Many domestic enterprises are in the research and development stage of hydrogen fuel cells, with large investment and low output.

1. Shenzhen Xiongtao Power Technology Co., Ltd. (002733)

Xiongtao Shares mentioned in its annual report that in 2017, the company increased its investment in the fuel cell industry chain, IDC projects, energy storage projects, lithium-ion power batteries and other new energy fields. The company continued its previous investment in research and development and stepped up the development of hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cells. At present, the project has completed the formulation of the plan and carried out the infrastructure construction. Xiongtao Shares mentioned in the annual report that the project was delayed because the production qualification of fuel cell prototype vehicles needs to be declared for admittance so that they can finally be promoted through the national new energy vehicle model catalog.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

2. Dayang Motor (002249)

The hydrogen fuel cell business of Dayang Electric has preliminarily completed its layout. The cooperative vehicle plants include Zhongtong, Dongfeng Special Automobile, Foshan Feichi, Foton, SAIC MAXUS, etc. At present, the main application direction is passenger cars and logistics vehicles. According to the 2017 annual report, the company's R&D investment in the reporting period increased by 1048711000 yuan, or 36.36%, compared with the same period in 2016. The main reason is that the company has increased its R&D efforts, actively developed new products and invested large funds in the R&D of new energy vehicle control systems and hydrogen fuel electric pool powertrain systems.

3. Hunan Keliyuan New Energy Co., Ltd. (600478)

The relevant person in charge of the company once said that the research and development of projects related to hydrogen fuel cell is in progress, the nickel hydrogen battery pack and electric control system used in hydrogen fuel vehicles have obtained preliminary loading tests, and the research and development of MEA membrane electrode is in progress.

Cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises: domestic enterprises speed up technological breakthrough and foreign enterprises seize the domestic market highland

Although domestic industries and enterprises have begun to attach importance to the development of hydrogen fuel cells, the speed of development is too slow, which forms a sharp contrast with the accelerated process of the foreign hydrogen fuel cell market. The core technology mastered by foreign manufacturers has been ahead of domestic enterprises for at least 3 to 4 years. As countries pay more and more attention to the development of clean energy, foreign competitors are gradually entering the Chinese market, and products compete with domestic manufacturers in terms of technical stability and price. Due to the gap between domestic and foreign technologies, many domestic hydrogen fuel cell enterprises need to choose the way of cooperation with foreign enterprises to obtain corresponding technologies.

In 2016, Dayang Electric acquired 9.9% of the shares of Balad Power System, the leading fuel cell company, and the hydrogen fuel cell related technologies of Dayang Electric came from Balad; In 2018, it signed an investment agreement of 6.5 million euros with the global hydrogen storage and transportation technology leader HT to lay out the hydrogen energy equipment market, which will lay a good foundation for benefiting from the gradual expansion of fuel cell vehicles. At the same time, Dayang Electric has also set up a hydrogen fuel cell research institute, which has carried out independent research and development on technologies such as supporting motors and integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems.

In 2017, Yihuatong also signed a strategic framework agreement on the second phase of hydrogen energy cooperation with Hydrogenics of Canada to carry out in-depth cooperation in hydrogen fuel cell power system, hydrogen refueling station network construction and operation and other fields. Yihuatong also cooperates with foreign manufacturers based on China's huge market demand for new energy vehicles and its position in domestic fuel cell enterprises.



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