Domestic battery technology progress -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Domestic battery technology progress -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On January 6, the sixth Science and Technology Innovation Conference of Guoxuan Hi Tech Co., Ltd. was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. Li Zhen, chairman of Guoxuan Hi Tech, said in his speech at the conference that China's battery technology has made significant progress in recent years, and the energy density of lithium iron phosphate has increased from 100Wh/kg in 2007 to 145Wh/kg at present. Li Zhen shared three feelings at the meeting:

First, some understanding of the policy. First, the issue of "more" and "less" subsidies. The mending fraud in 2016 had a great negative impact on the development of the entire industry. Many people believe that the subsidies for new energy vehicles have increased, people from all walks of life have flocked to the industry, and the industry is mixed, so subsidies should be reduced. On the one hand, according to incomplete statistics, the subsidies given by the state and local governments to the new energy vehicle industry are only 40 or 50 billion yuan. Compared with the annual investment of four or five trillion yuan in infrastructure construction, it is insignificant. Second, the issue of "fast" and "slow" development. Many people believe that the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly, compared with other domestic industries. From the international perspective, we are indeed the leader in terms of the scale of the industry, and the battery technology has made obvious progress in recent years. The energy density of lithium iron phosphate has increased from 100Wh/kg in 2007 to 145Wh/kg at present, but the development of technologies such as energy consumption and power performance is slow, and there is still a gap of two to three years. In addition, the subsidy policy was late last year, which lost the golden time for one year's development. The third is about the "big" and "small" of the company. The soul of a nation is innovation, and the soul of a country is to create great companies. At present, there are many companies in the new energy automobile industry chain, with different sizes, good and bad. Only by cultivating large companies can we bear the pressure, gather talents, and promote China's new energy automobile industry to become a global leader.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Second, technological progress in new energy vehicles. Technological progress will lay the foundation for new energy vehicles to replace traditional vehicles. Especially when the smog is getting heavier and the oil is getting less and less, electric vehicles have become more and more popular. In fact, there are three keys to technological progress: safety, life and energy. This is the core of the security issue. There are two ways to solve the safety problem: one is chemical, which is solved through battery design; The second is the physical way, which integrates safety into the vehicle system to protect and solve the problem. With regard to longevity, this is the key. The battery should at least have the same life as the whole vehicle, and with high energy density, the value of environmental protection and resource conservation of new energy vehicles can be fully reflected. With regard to energy, this is fundamental. The first is to reduce the weight of the battery and improve the energy density of the cell. It is very difficult to reduce the weight of a 20KWh battery by 100Kg, or 50%. Second, the whole vehicle is lightweight to reduce energy consumption. A 2 ton vehicle can reduce the weight by 5%, that is, 100 kg. It is easier to reduce the weight of the battery system related to the vehicle weight. Therefore, when formulating policies, from the perspective of promoting the overall development of the industry, in addition to the system energy density requirements, some new requirements on energy consumption should be added.

Third, the current changes taking place in China. First, the social form is moving from "copying" to "innovation and creation"; Second, the economic form is moving from "high-speed rise" to "orderly development"; Third, the cultural form is returning from "ship culture" to "Chinese culture". In this era of great change, the energy storage technology that supplies power for social progress is also quietly undergoing great changes. Automobile electrification has become the trend of the times and the inevitable choice for human social progress.



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