Avoid the generation of dust? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

Die-cutting machine to avoid the generation of dust? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

The gap between the upper and lower blades, the gap between the pressing plate and the punch, the pressure of the pressing plate and the flatness of the pressing plate surface are the major factors that affect the powder drop. To ensure the gap between the various parts of the mold, firstly, the mold material must be selected, and secondly, the machining accuracy must be ensured.
       a: The gap between the upper and lower blades: When the gap is small, the punching force on the pole piece will increase due to the intensified squeezing effect, and the squeezing of the surface coating will increase, and the coating will crack, peel off and fall off from the substrate. The second friction between the section and the punch will also be caused when the material is held by the pressing plate.(Cutting and stacking Integrated machine)
       b: The gap between the pressing plate and the punch: When the gap is too large, the coating on the edge of the fracture cannot be pressed, and the coating extrusion caused by cutting cannot be suppressed. If the gap is too small, there is a risk of rubbing the punch.
       c: The pressure of the binder plate: When the coating is squeezed, the pressure of the binder plate is greater than the extrusion tension, which can effectively reduce the problems of coating cracking, peeling from the substrate, and falling off.
       d: Flatness of the binder plate: If the flatness is not good, the compaction effect on the section is uneven, and there will be problems such as discontinuous coating cracking.
Yixinfeng J350D-B high-speed hardware moulding machine (continuous coating process) aims at the phenomenon of dust generated by die-cutting, and has the following functions:
      1. The pole piece traction is directly driven by DD motor to reduce the transmission error of the intermediate link, and the dimensional accuracy can be controlled within ±0.2mm.
      2. Pole piece cutter: It adopts a patented scissor-type cutting mechanism, which does not drop powder and has small burrs. In addition, the equipment can cut the position of the knife according to the size of the pole piece
      3. The positioning is adjusted by the servo drive, which improves the width accuracy of the pole piece;
      4. Non-contact dust removal, reducing the secondary pollution of dust, and effectively avoiding the use of brush powder to damage the pole piece;
      5. Separate dust-collecting devices are installed in places where dust is easy to be generated (tape-connecting place, die-cutting place), which greatly reduces the occurrence of dust pollution.



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