Development of slitting equipment -High Speed Slitting Machine

Development of slitting equipment -High Speed Slitting Machine

Plane positioning of slitting equipment:
In order to ensure that the slitter equipment is accurately positioned on the basis of the equipment, after the equipment is hoisted in place, a reference line should be hung according to the central target plate that has been set. For the suspension of the reference line, a whole steel wire with a diameter of 0.3~0.75mm should be selected according to the equipment installation accuracy requirements and the suspension span. The tension force is generally 40%~80% of the breaking force of the steel wire. The span should not exceed 40m. (Of course, there will still be a little difference according to the slitting equipment of different specifications. The specific situation, the specific arrangement.) The reference line should be hung on the wire rack that is easy to adjust, and the center point should be aligned with a wire hammer. Afterwards, the steel wire is locked with a lockable pulley so that the steel wire will not be displaced during use. However, regular re-inspection should be carried out during use to prevent displacement of the steel wire.(High Speed Slitting Machine)

The web slitting machine starts to run:
    1. Change the specifications, wrap the inner and outer arms with new ones, and notify all personnel to leave the machine and prepare for operation when the press roller is in the ready state for operation.
    2. Set the ANTI-STAIC BARS on the main operation console to AUTO, turn on READY TO RUN, and start the machine to run the boot operation.

Web slitting machine slitting control   
    During the slitting operation, carefully monitor to observe the slitting effect, the correct cutting speed, unwinding tension, contact pressure and roll bending, traction roll edge material, and edge guides for appropriate adjustment to control.

Understanding the research and development trends, process equipment, technology applications and trends of the core technology of slitting machine production at home and abroad is crucial for companies to improve product technical specifications and improve market competitiveness.
The prospects of the slitting machine are from the application field of the slitting machine product, downstream products, domestic and foreign production status, domestic potential manufacturers, foreign manufacturers and scale, domestic and foreign output trends, market conditions and forecasts, supply and demand status analysis and forecasts, and domestic Demand and many other aspects can be used as an important decision-making reference for the trend-oriented processing technology of the slitting machine product on the market status and development direction of the slitting machine product.

At present, the automation level of the slitting machine produced in China is still at the middle and lower level. Although the use of domestic control components has been very popular and the price is relatively low, the depth of use of the domestic slitting machine manufacturers lags far behind the developed countries. The national level, especially the lack of organic integration between the control system and the structure of the slitting machine, and the materials to be cut. At this level, the vast majority of domestic slitting machines still remain on the thick lines and have not changed. Deeply understand the tightness and rationality of the slitting machine control system. Domestic slitting machine manufacturers should proceed from the above directions to find a way that not only conforms to the slitting machine control and slitting principle, but also maximizes the use of the functions provided by the hardware.



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