Hydrogen fuel power cell technology in China -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Development of hydrogen fuel power cell technology in China -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

During the National Two Sessions this year, the discussion on hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles was very warm. In the revised government work report, hydrogen energy was included for the first time, proposing to promote the construction of charging, hydrogenation and other facilities. This has become an important milestone in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is an important technical route of China's new energy vehicle industry and one of the "troika" of new energy vehicles. However, due to the focus of industrial development on pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the past period, the industrialization process of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles was 10 years slower than that of pure electric vehicles.

Obvious advantages in commercial vehicle scenarios

After nearly 10 years of dormancy, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles finally came to the front of the stage. In the past two years, domestic attention to hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles has been unprecedented. From the establishment of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry innovation strategic alliance led by the National Energy Investment Group in early 2018 and participated by State Grid Corporation of China and other central enterprises, hydrogen energy has been included in the government work report for the first time this year. From the local government to the central government, the importance attached to the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles has been raised to an important position.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

"Why is hydrogen energy so hot in the past two years? Because petroleum, chemical, steel and energy industries are closely related to hydrogen energy. There is hydrogen in steel coking, hydrogen produced by chemical chlor alkali production, hydrogen produced by coal gasification, and hydrogen used in petroleum refining. These industries are currently some of the industries that the national supply side structural reform needs to cut capacity. These industries are about three times larger than the automobile industry, that is, the output value is more than 30 trillion yuan. Only The petroleum and chemical industry has an output value of about 15 trillion yuan. For such a large industry, hydrogen energy is a good choice to seek a way out for green development, transformation and upgrading. In short, the hydrogen energy industry chain is very long, there are many stakeholders and a large number of people are employed, which has a very obvious role in promoting the industry. " Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the CAS Member and a professor of Tsinghua University, gave his own understanding of the hot phenomenon of the hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle market.

In addition, due to the inherent defects of pure electric vehicles in driving range, charging time, heavy load transportation and other aspects, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also considered as an important solution to solve the pain points of users of new energy vehicles in the commercial field.

Wei Wei, president of Zhangjiagang Hydrogen Cloud New Energy Research Institute, told China Electric Power News that the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be dominated by commercial vehicles, which have different applications from pure electric vehicles. Many people may think that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are intended to subvert pure electric vehicles. In fact, this is not the case. These two technical routes are complementary, mutually supportive, common development and long-term coexistence.

Ouyang Minggao holds the same view. Because the hydrogen fuel cell power system not only has hydrogen storage bottles, but also has hydrogen fuel cell engines and auxiliary batteries, the volume of hydrogen fuel cell cars is particularly challenging for compact cars. In addition, the use of liquefied hydrogen is the development direction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the future, which is easy to achieve in trucks and buses, but it is difficult to apply it to passenger cars, because passenger cars are often put in underground garages, and liquid hydrogen has evaporation characteristics.

Ouyang Minggao introduced the development status of fuel cell vehicles in China. First, the deep hybrid power of fuel cells and power cells is the technical feature; Second, fuel cell commercial vehicles are the main body; Third, type III compressed hydrogen bottle is the mainstream mode of on-board hydrogen storage.

At present, the key field of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles promotion in China is the commercial vehicle field. The number of hydrogen fuel commercial vehicles in China has reached 3500, ranking first in the world.



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