Developed Ni-MH battery anode material -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Developed Ni-MH battery anode material -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, Inner Mongolia Xi'aoke Hydrogen Storage Alloy Co., Ltd., the key project undertaker of the National Torch Program, broke foreign technical barriers and developed a nickel-metal hydride battery anode material with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has passed the expert acceptance organized by the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region. . The hydrogen storage alloy for nickel-metal hydride batteries developed by the project solves the problem of further degradation of electrical and thermal conductivity due to high specific surface area, which is particularly prone to oxidation and poor contact, and overcomes a key technology for the localization of new energy vehicles.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The performance of Ni-MH power lithium battery is related to the performance of its positive electrode material, negative electrode material, diaphragm and electrolyte, as well as various electrochemical behaviors of these materials when electrochemical reactions occur. One of the very important factors affecting the performance of lithium batteries. At present, common AB5 hydrogen storage alloys on the market cannot meet the development requirements of Ni-MH power lithium batteries. Inner Mongolia Xi'aoke Hydrogen Storage Alloy Co., Ltd. began to implement the Torch Program in 2014 - the "Industrialization of Ni-MH Battery Hydrogen Storage Alloys for Hybrid Electric Vehicles" project. After three years of research, design and development, it has produced 2 models of power It is applied to power nickel-hydrogen battery, so that the discharge capacity of power-type nickel-hydrogen battery reaches 84.4% of normal temperature at high temperature of 60 °C; the capacity retention rate reaches 85.3% after 800 cycles of cycle use.

In terms of research and development of AB5 type power hydrogen storage alloy, the project improves and improves the rate discharge performance and low temperature discharge performance of the alloy by adjusting the ratio of light rare earth lanthanum and cerium in the alloy; the microstructure and low temperature discharge performance of the alloy are improved by stoichiometric ratio Phase composition, equilibrium hydrogen pressure, discharge capacity, activation performance, cycle life and high rate discharge performance; by adjusting the content of manganese in the alloy, the pCT platform pressure suitable for dynamic hydrogen storage alloys can be obtained. In terms of surface treatment technology of hydrogen storage alloy powder, scientists and technicians took the lead at home and abroad to use the method of vacuum evaporation coating to conduct surface treatment research on the coating metal nickel, copper and aluminum of hydrogen storage alloy powder. The results show that the vacuum evaporation coating metal technology can obtain a uniform metal coating with good corrosion resistance and electrical and thermal conductivity on the surface of the alloy powder without destroying the original composition and structure of the alloy, which can overcome the corrosion and oxidation of the alloy by the solution coating. To solve the problem of damage, the capacity and high rate performance of the alloy can be significantly improved, and the cycle life of the alloy can be improved.

In the research and development of the A2B7 type hydrogen storage alloy, the scientific and technical personnel optimized the production process that can stably control the magnesium content and phase structure in the A2B7 type hydrogen storage alloy, so that the phase abundance of the A2B7 type phase in the alloy reaches more than 88%, and the The deviation of magnesium content from the design value shall not exceed 5%. On this basis, the A2B7 type hydrogen storage alloy with super-stacking structure, low cost, low self-discharge and high capacity is further developed for the production of high-capacity Ni-MH batteries. Through the research and development of this project, the production process and production equipment suitable for such alloys have been developed, and the industrialization of A2B7 type hydrogen storage alloys has been realized; Expand the application range of NiMH batteries.



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