Design and production of lithium battery module Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Design and production of lithium battery modules -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The first part, divided into several design levels
To meet the requirements of the vehicle equivalent product, it is mainly divided into structure, electrical design, thermal design, safety, and sufficient compression force is given according to the requirements of the battery cell. , through a certain addition, the expansion of the battery can be effectively prevented, and the service life can be supported to a certain extent.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the entire lithium-ion battery pack, there is also a fixing between the module and the tray, and the module and the tray are effectively fixed by the pressure strip. The most important thing above is the sampling line inside, and also to prevent the cell from moving inside. The whole cell is not serious in terms of heating under normal NETT working conditions. We also need to consider that there may be some extreme situations, that is, the user Maybe at high speed, it is equivalent to saying that the long-distance driving enters the fast charging state, and the continuous limit is met, which may have a strong heat transfer requirement here. There is a strong connection between safety and the insulation requirements of the cell in the middle of the module design.

Part II, Manufacturing Process
The most important thing is to arrange the cells from single cell to stacking to welding, sampling line layout, and CMU layout. The entire process, equipment, distance, and process assembly are all required. This part needs to be related to the equipment, especially when it comes to volume. Especially when it comes to automated production lines, there is a strong demand connection here.

Part III, Maintenance Considerations
Because when we are doing it now, the first step is to make the product, and later with the use of the vehicle, the maintenance of the entire lithium-ion battery module, especially the damage to the sub-components inside, how to repair the module , It should be combined with the manufacturing process and maintenance process, and there is less talk about it here.



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