Current status of power lithium battery technol -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Current status of power lithium battery technology development -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On January 8, 2019, at the 2019 Second China (Chengdu) New Energy Automobile Summit Forum, Prince Dong, Deputy Secretary General of China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance and former Director of the National 863 Power Battery Test Center of China Northern Vehicle Research Institute, learned from the development trend of new energy vehicle market, the development of power battery technology at home and abroad, and the problems encountered in the industrialization of power battery in China The development trend of power battery industrialization and other aspects elaborated his views.

The following are the main contents of Wang Zidong's speech:

At present, the market demand for new energy vehicles in China is driven by the government's subsidy policy, rather than the real rigid demand. Wang Zidong said that the large enterprises that have grown up now were nurtured under such a serious foam, but they may not be really strong. Judging from the financial reports of major listed companies, most of the financial data are not optimistic. From the perspective of the global market, China's new energy passenger vehicles accounted for 51% of the world share from January to September 2018, and will still be able to remain the first in the future; However, Prince Dong also said that at present, there are only a few new energy vehicles in China, and there are few high-quality ones.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Analysis of development of power battery technology at home and abroad

With the development of electric vehicles, the demand of electric vehicles for the core of the three electric systems has also driven a new wave of cooperation and business opportunities. Some vehicle manufacturers choose their own batteries, motors and electric controls. Wang Zidong said that the purpose of auto enterprises' independent research and development of the three electricity system is to master the core technology, so as not to damage the capacity due to supply conflicts. The advantage of diversified layout is that battery suppliers can seize customers, enhance the competitiveness of vehicle enterprises and increase market share.

According to the types of power batteries in China, Japan and South Korea, at present, the three countries have infiltrated each other, and China makes all kinds of batteries; South Korea mainly uses ternary material square large capacity; Japan mainly uses small capacity circular ternary material batteries. From the comparison of the performance of power battery modules with various structures, round power battery modules have low cost and poor other performance; Flexible packaging power battery module has high energy density, high integration efficiency, long service life and high cost; The square power battery module has low cost, high integration efficiency, good charging and discharging performance, high reliability and moderate energy density.

By comparing the layout of domestic enterprises with that of overseas enterprises, it can be found that the domestic battery enterprises are basically domestic brands, and the market planning is concentrated in China, which is relatively closed as a whole. None of the battery suppliers of the international mainstream automobile enterprises choose domestic batteries. Wang Zidong believes that the power battery is still playing at home and needs to go global.

On the road of industrial development, Japanese enterprises are slow and have been gradually surpassed by South Korea. The lithium battery industry in South Korea has a very high degree of industry concentration, less vicious competition, and its resource advantages can be maximized. With the long-term support of the Korean government and the rolling accumulation of enterprise technology, it will occupy a significant advantage in the global power battery field. The power battery market in China is the broadest, which is the biggest advantage of Chinese lithium battery enterprises.

Wang Zidong said that at present, the industry concentration of China's lithium battery industry is not high, the threshold for enterprise access is low, local protectionism is prevalent, and there are a large number of small and medium-sized lithium battery enterprises without core competitiveness, resulting in mixed good and bad industries and serious vicious competition; Inadequate foresight, weak technical strength, poor product quality and low corporate social responsibility have hindered the healthy development of China's lithium battery industry to some extent. Wang Zidong believes that if this situation continues, China will hardly become a power battery country.



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