Covestro helps lightweight new energy vehicles -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Covestro helps lightweight new energy vehicles -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The 8th Battery Technology Innovation (Shanghai) Forum and Charging and Swapping Technology Summit Forum, co-hosted by Guangdong Power Industry Association and Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held in Shanghai Century Crowne Plaza Hotel on August 23-24, 2016. hold. The theme of this forum is "new energy, new technology and new model", focusing on the current hot topics and future development trends in the three fields of new energy vehicles, power lithium batteries and charging piles. In addition, the organizing committee also specially invited Mr. Hajime Kawada, the special manager of SOLUTION Development Department of Japan's Kemikong Co., Ltd., and international companies such as primeearthEV Energy Co., Ltd. to explain the situation of the international new energy vehicle industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Covestro provides a solution for power lithium batteries and charging pile housings with high design freedom, lighter weight, longer durability, higher heat and flame resistance, and compliance with safety regulations, and achieves the goal of cost optimization by integrating functional components.

With the material properties that are compatible across the three major fields of new energy vehicles, Covestro has also obtained the first [Technical Specification for Non-Metallic Shells of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment CQC1305-2016] certification by my country Quality Certification Center, becoming the most representative material in the industry. supplier. This time, Covestro will bring the latest product information to the industry through the platform of the 8th my country Battery Technology Innovation (Shanghai) Forum and Charging and Swapping Technology Summit Forum, and explain the legend of lightweight materials to the new energy vehicle industry.

In recent years, with the support of national policies, new energy vehicles have gradually entered the lives of the public, and have also created huge business opportunities for electric vehicle charging equipment and power lithium battery industries. Under the technology of today's power lithium battery, the electric vehicle industry has become the ultimate goal of product design in order to improve the endurance and light weight. Therefore, lightweight materials have become one of the hot topics in the current electric vehicle industry. In addition, not only the materials of electric vehicles themselves need to be improved, but the materials of electric vehicle charging equipment also have higher and higher requirements, because electric vehicle charging equipment is different from traditional industrial electrical products, which are used outdoors for a long time and are in contact with mass consumers. Therefore, in addition to the protection function that meets the safety regulations, the shell material also needs to have a certain degree of strength to resist external force damage. In addition, there are more stringent requirements for appearance and durability.

Covestro, formerly known as Bayer MaterialScience, develops and produces high-performance polycarbonate materials that can be used in harsh environments (-40°C~125°C). In addition, it can resist aging and maintain a certain degree of material strength in outdoor environments exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time.

In terms of power lithium batteries, Covestro provides material and structural design solutions for power lithium battery packaging. Compared with metal, the use of lightweight polycarbonate material can effectively improve the energy density of the battery module, and the strong support simplifies the structural design and reduces the operating cost of battery assembly while protecting the battery cells. In addition, the low water absorption properties of polycarbonate maintain good long-term dimensional stability without deformation effects. With rich experience in thermal management structure design, Covestro can provide various packaging design solutions according to different cell formats and cooling methods, effectively control the thermal energy of battery charge and discharge, and improve battery life.



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