China Power Li-ion Battery Recycling -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

China Power Li-ion Battery Recycling -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

At present, the two important directions of power lithium battery recycling in my country are cascade utilization and dismantling recycling. When the power lithium battery used in cascade is no longer usable as a battery, its value as a material still exists, so the cascade utilization is down. The battery will eventually be dismantled and recycled. It can be said that how many power lithium batteries are currently produced, and how many waste power lithium batteries will be dismantled in the future. As the terminal of power lithium battery recycling, in addition to facing common problems such as poor recycling channels, unclear battery ownership, recycling system to be improved, and meager profits, how to ensure efficient cleaning, dismantling safety, and How to better enter the stage of intelligent dismantling in the future is also creating new challenges.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

How to achieve clean dismantling to prevent secondary pollution?

The original intention of new energy vehicles is to reduce carbon emissions. As a clean energy source, power lithium batteries can effectively ensure that they are efficient and clean in the final dismantling and recycling process and do not pollute the environment. It will be a test of industrial capacity. The key to continued healthy development. According to industry insiders, if the power lithium battery cannot be truly clean in the final dismantling and recycling process, it will be detrimental to the balance of the entire new energy ecosystem, and it will not be possible to achieve a green closed loop in this process.

Which dismantling and recycling method is safer for discharge dismantling and live dismantling?

Safety issues have always been the key issues surrounding all aspects of the power lithium battery industry. In the process of dismantling and recycling, if not properly resolved, it is very easy to cause fire, explosion, heavy metal pollution, organic waste gas emissions and other problems. How to carry out dismantling and recycling work safely and effectively has also aroused deep thought and discussion among industry experts and scholars in recent years. Some experts pointed out that the used power lithium batteries in the dismantling and recycling process are generally electrified, and the electrified dismantling can easily lead to safety hazards such as fire and explosion. Therefore, experts suggest that in the process of dismantling and recycling, the waste power lithium battery can be discharged and then dismantled.

How far is it from automation to intelligence?

It is understood that at present, some advanced dismantling and recycling lines in my country have fully realized automatic dismantling, and the next stage will continue to move towards the direction of intelligent dismantling. Some people in the industry pointed out that in recent years, my country has successively introduced relevant policies to encourage intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, it is also an inevitable trend for the dismantling and recycling of power lithium batteries to move from automation to intelligence. Some experts have proposed that in the future, the intelligent dismantling line of power lithium batteries can be controlled by the MES system of the whole process data, with intelligent and flexible motion control unit, combined with multi-task actuator workstation, quick-change manipulator, CCD image recognition and motion positioning guidance. , to realize the efficient, clean and safe dismantling and recycling of waste power lithium batteries.

According to the analysis of the technicians of GEM Co., Ltd., GEM has also made new progress in the research on the intelligent dismantling system of waste power lithium batteries. It is reported that this intelligent dismantling system for used power lithium batteries is a non-destructive dismantling system for battery packs. The dismantling of battery packs has the advantages of simple structure, high dismantling efficiency, and no damage to dismantled objects, which can improve recycling and utilization. Rate.



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