China has developed a new type of quick-charge -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

China has developed a new type of quick-charge lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The Zhongguancun Forum continued to be held today. According to the Beijing News, Wei Chang, president of the Beijing Institute of Low-Carbon and Clean Energy, said in an interview that the researchers of the Beijing Institute of Low-Carbon and Clean Energy independently developed a new type of quick-charging lithium battery, which can be fully charged in 5 minutes.

This new lithium battery can be applied to two-wheel electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc. At present, this product is still in the trial stage, and has been carried on two-wheel electric vehicles for testing.

IT Home learned that the important bottleneck restricting the charging speed of lithium batteries is the negative electrode material, which is easy to cause structural expansion or dendrite formation during rapid charging, resulting in a decline in life. In addition, the heating during charging is also a big challenge. It is necessary to reduce the internal resistance from the structure.

IT House learned that the research and development fields of Beijing Low-Carbon Clean Energy Research Institute include clean conversion and utilization of coal, industrial wastewater treatment, advanced materials, hydrogen energy, lithium battery technology, etc.

According to the official introduction, the research institute has developed NICE-SC1 quick-charge lithium battery cathode material. This material uses coal-based pitch to prepare soft carbon with special structure, and the whole battery processing technology has strong adaptability. The quick-charge lithium battery based on this anode: the quick-charge capacity is extremely high, the low-temperature performance is excellent, the operating temperature window is wide, the cycle life is long, the charge and discharge process produces less heat, and is safe and reliable.

It can be seen from the data that the capacity of lithium battery using this material can still maintain close to 80% under the environment of - 30 ℃, which is much better than that of conventional battery. In addition, after 2500 cycles, the capacity retention rate of the battery is still above 90%, which is much better than the current level of the battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In addition, in response to the problem that many people mistakenly believe that hydrogen energy is unsafe, Wei Chang also explained that hydrogen can only explode in a specific concentration range, so its safety is guaranteed. Toyota has made a very comprehensive evaluation of hydrogen energy vehicles, and the results show that there are no safety problems in the driving process of hydrogen energy vehicles.



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