Characteristics of lithium ion battery online -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Characteristics of lithium ion battery online UPS -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The online lithium-ion battery UPS power supply is a UPS with light weight, small size and large capacity. The online lithium UPS power supply can better solve the computer restart or shutdown caused by the transient change of voltage, such as the computer restart caused by the opening of an air conditioner, refrigerator, etc., and the restart caused by the surrounding large electrical equipment startup, lightning, etc.

Lithium-ion battery online UPS is a new generation of dedicated power supply products designed for communication base stations, computer rooms and other uninterruptible AC power supply systems. The advanced DSP digital control technology and high-frequency switching technology are adopted. In addition to the functions of dual conversion online, zero conversion, fault bypass, etc., the unattended function is added, which can also be matched with a new type of iron lithium ion battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The dedicated UPS for online lithium-ion battery is generally of rack design, which is mainly used in the standard cabinet of base station communication and data center. The battery voltage of the battery pack is set to 48V series. The configured lithium-ion battery packs include 48V10AH, 48V20AH, 48V30AH, 48V50AH, etc.

Characteristics of lithium ion battery online UPS

◆ Lithium ion battery energy storage: The latest type of iron lithium ion battery can be configured as the energy storage device of UPS. As the representative of new energy, lithium iron battery has small volume (1/3 of ordinary lead-acid battery), long life, good high temperature performance, and is easy to meet the requirements of fast playback point.

◆ Unattended function: suitable for remote, many or unmanned sites.

◆ High-current charging and management system can adapt to lithium iron phosphate battery and ordinary lead-acid battery.

◆ DSP digital control technology is fully adopted to make the product more stable and superior in quality.

◆ The load power factor is 0.8, and the carrying capacity is stronger.

◆ The active input power factor correction (PFC) is up to 0.98 to prevent pollution to the grid environment and meet the social requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection..

◆ Wide input voltage frequency range can supply power normally even in remote areas where the power environment is very bad, reducing the number of battery discharges and improving the service life of the battery.

◆ Zero switching of mains power is unstable and on time, and the switching time of lithium ion battery online UPS uninterruptible power supply mode is zero, effectively ensuring the safety and reliability of load operation.

◆ Convenient remote monitoring function, supply standard RS232 interface, optional dry contact, RS485, and network monitoring card.

The above is the characteristics of the lithium ion battery online UPS uninterruptible power supply. The online lithium ion battery UPS power supply has a perfect expert team and put forward perfect solutions for power, communication, data center, hospital, transportation, energy storage and other fields.



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