CATL lithium battery material management system -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

CATL lithium battery material management system -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On July 9, CATL (hereinafter referred to as "CATL") and the state government of Thuringia, Germany signed an investment agreement. CATL will invest 240 million euros to build a battery production base and an intelligent manufacturing technology center. The products will be matched with world-renowned car companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, and pSA.

On July 17, CATL announced that it will deepen strategic cooperation with BMW Brilliance and sign a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement", which includes the signing of new orders of 815 million yuan and equity binding.

Benefiting from the excellent development atmosphere such as the encouragement and support of national policies, my country's lithium-ion power, represented by CATL, is emerging globally as a new generation of power.

As the champion of global lithium-ion power lithium battery sales in 2017, CATL has now become the leader of my country's new energy battery industry. On June 11, CATL rang the bell on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and officially landed on the A-share Growth Enterprise Market, with a market value of 78.6 billion yuan on the first day of listing.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Today's CATL is leading my country's lithium battery industry to break through the encirclement of Japan and South Korea and become a global industry leader.

With the continuous growth of CATL and the expansion of product lines, traditional warehouses have become a bottleneck restricting the efficiency of the new energy supply chain. At the same time, due to factors such as the increase in the quality requirements of batteries, the security of the supply chain, which was originally very important, has been mentioned in an extremely important position.

As a leader in one-stop material management of lithium-ion batteries, Zhongding Integration has cooperated with CATL (hereinafter referred to as "CATL") since 2016, and has successively customized several sets of lithium-ion battery material management systems for CATL, in accordance with the highest German standards. Planning and design help CATL's supply chain system to be more efficient, safer and more energy-efficient.


Co-build CATL Phase I and Phase II projects. After in-depth understanding of CATL's needs, a fully automatic logistics system for square power lithium-ion batteries was customized for CATL's tailor-made planning, including fully automatic logistics conveying system, warehousing system, and automatic detection system. In the automatic detection system, NG screening is used, and the three-coordinate robot is used to screen the defective products in the square battery, which ensures the yield of the finished battery to the greatest extent.


Zhongding Integration has also joined hands with CATL to build an intelligent logistics transportation system, including 2 soft-pack power lithium-ion battery transportation systems and 3 square power lithium-ion battery transportation systems.


In addition to the production base in Ningde City, Zhongding Integration also participated in the construction of CATL's new production base, Liyang CATL, and planned to customize two intelligent logistics systems for square power lithium-ion batteries and soft-pack power lithium-ion batteries. According to the requirements of CATL, the module library is integrated and designed in the system for the first time. The module library is an important step in the battery pACK process. A single finished battery is assembled into a module battery. The module battery is one of the important raw materials for the power lithium battery pACK package in electric vehicles.

Standing in the development wave of the lithium battery era, Zhongding Integration follows the current situation, always upholds its original intention, and is committed to supplying a more efficient and safer new energy logistics management system for my country's lithium battery companies, and has always been doing its best to contribute to the development of the lithium battery industry. Efforts to develop.



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