CATL develops long-life battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

CATL develops long-life battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The person in charge of CATL, who has always been low-key, gave a rare interview to a reporter from the Shanghai Stock Exchange today, revealing that the company's next-generation R&D direction includes cobalt-free technology, and strives to reduce the cost of lithium batteries per kilowatt-hour to $100 by 2025.

How is this going?

A long-life battery has been developed

The relevant person in charge of CATL revealed to the reporter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange that in terms of battery life, the company has developed an advanced zero-fading battery that can achieve zero decay within 1500 cycles, which will be a landmark long-life battery.

On January 14, 2020, the first phase (30MW/108MWh) of the pilot project of Fujian Jinjiang Energy Storage Power Station, the largest grid-side station-type lithium battery energy storage power station in China, was started and connected to the grid at 9:24 on January 15 The successful grid connection in one batch marks the application of zero-fading batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Zero decay battery application power station

In response to consumers complaining that the use of air conditioners causes battery loss to directly exceed 30%, CATL has introduced battery self-heating technology, which uses the heat energy released by pulse current to heat the battery, which can reach a heating rate of 2°C/min. The entire heating process The temperature difference between the cell cores should not exceed 4°C. Using about 6% of the battery's energy, it can be raised from -20 degrees to 10 degrees in 15 minutes.

The above-mentioned person in charge said that, coupled with the CTP technology that is directly integrated into the battery pack through the battery cell and the 4C fast charging technology that can be fully charged in 15 minutes, it is a further strengthening of the scale effect and technological evolution iteration of leading companies. The breakthrough represented by technology will help CATL reduce the cost of lithium battery per kWh to 100 US dollars by 2025, which is the level of 700 yuan before tax, and the system energy density will reach 250Wh/kg.

CATLCTP battery

The company's research and development always focuses on product-side applications, but for the direction of next-generation chemical systems such as cobalt-free, lithium-sulfur, lithium-air, all-solid-state lithium-ion, sodium-ion batteries and other cutting-edge energy storage technologies have been deployed and reserved.

"Like students preparing for general examinations, we try to master more technologies, develop a more complete product system, and welcome the arrival of the electric age." The person in charge said.

Expansion plans continue

According to the statistics of Gaogong Lithium Battery, CATL has ranked first in the global power lithium battery shipments for three consecutive years.

Statistics released by the Research Department of the Power Lithium Battery Application Branch of the my country Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association show that the installed capacity of power lithium batteries in my country in 2019 is about 62.2GWh (gigawatt hours), of which the installed capacity of CATL is 31.71GWh.

With a market share of more than 50%, CATL's expansion plan has not stopped.

On February 26, CATL announced a private placement of no more than 20 billion yuan for production expansion, cutting-edge technology research and development and supplementary liquidity. Among them, CATL Huxi Base, Jiangsu Liyang Phase III and Sichuan Yibin Phase I have announced relevant expansion plans in 2018-2019. The total investment for expansion is 16.02 billion yuan, and the raised funds are 12.5 billion yuan. The company also plans to invest no more than 10 billion yuan to build the Ningde Cheliwan lithium battery production base project.

Battery suppliers lead car companies to respond

On the afternoon of March 9th, CATL used its official Weibo account to publish a Weibo with the content "Electric Era, whether you come or not", and @@ a group of car companies shouted.

In the following hours, more than 10 official Weibo companies including King Long, Ankai Bus, Beijing Hyundai, SAIC Maxus, Changan Automobile, FAW Bestune, Dongfeng Venucia, etc. responded one after another, and announced the brand and CATL. co-branded poster.

It was clearly a massive collective marketing campaign. A person in charge of a car company said in an interview with a reporter from the Shanghai Stock Exchange that car companies are usually in a strong position. It is important for car companies to see that CATL has participated in the international industry chain, and has become a benchmark in the electric vehicle industry, playing a leading role for consumers.



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