BYD CTB power lithium battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

BYD CTB power lithium battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On May 20, BYD launched the CTB (CelltoBody) technology for the integration of battery and body. "Compared with the traditional CTP technology, the CTB technology further integrates the battery upper cover and the body floor, and has evolved from the original battery 'sandwich' structure to the vehicle's 'sandwich' structure." Lian Yu, President of BYD Automotive Engineering Research Institute Bo said that CTB technology makes the "blade battery" more closely integrated with the body, doubles the torsional rigidity of the whole vehicle, and can create a continuous electric vehicle.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In September last year, BYD announced that its pure electric platform e-platform officially entered the 3.0 era. As one of the core technologies of e-platform 3.0, CTB technology brings the architecture of e-platform 3.0 medium-sized platform to upgrade, and the volume utilization rate of CTB technology power lithium battery system is increased to 66%.

BYD's latest model, the Seal, is the first e-platform 3.0 model equipped with CTB technology. It uses CTB technology and a high-voltage charging system, and is equipped with a new generation of fast-charging blade batteries, which can last for more than 300 kilometers in 15 minutes.

It is reported that the e-platform 3.0 has achieved full coverage from small cars to large cars. Among them, the first model Dolphin based on the e-platform 3.0 was launched in August last year and is positioned as an A0-class small car.

The Seal is positioned as a pure electric coupe and is the first coupe model of BYD Ocean. Judging from the pre-sale price range of 212,800 to 289,800 yuan, the seal will face head-to-head competition with the Xpeng P7 that is on sale and the Weilai ET5 that will be delivered in September. Not only that, Changan Deep Blue SL03 has also completed the declaration in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and will become one of the important competitors of SEAL in the future.

The Ocean Car series is BYD's new product series, which is parallel with the Dynasty Car series, and is sold in two channels, and respectively. Among them, Dynasty's online channel sales include Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan and many derivative models. "Compared with,'s two major product series have more distinct new energy attributes and younger product positioning," said Zhang Zhuo, general manager of BYD Auto's Sales Division.

According to the plan, in the future, Ocean Net will also achieve comprehensive coverage in the model level, powertrain and price range. At the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, BYD's "Ocean Net" was upgraded to two series of models, which are pure electric products equipped with e-platform 3.0 technology - "sea creature series", such as dolphins and seals; and those equipped with DM-i super hybrid technology The hybrid product - "warship series".

Official data shows that in the first four months of this year, BYD sold about 397,400 new cars, of which only 5,049 were fuel vehicles. In April, BYD sold about 106,000 new energy vehicles, including about 57,400 pure electric passenger vehicles and 48,100 plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles.



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