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The status quo of the recycling of lithium -ion battery material

Due to the acceleration of consumer electronics and the continuous promotion of lithium -ion batteries in the field of electric vehicles, a large number of waste lithium -ion batteries have appeared in recent years.

The huge demand for lithium -ion batteries on the one hand will lead to a large amount of waste batteries on the one hand. How to deal with these waste lithium ion batteries can reduce its impact on the environment, which is an urgent problem. Demand, lithium -ion battery manufacturers should produce a large number of lithium -ion batteries to supply the market.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

During the pre -processing stage, how to realize the automatic disassembly of the waste lithium -ion battery safely and efficiently is the major obstacle to the current recycling of waste lithium -ion battery industrialization; how to systematically recycle the components in the waste lithium ion battery Or prevent these secondary pollution, this must be further researching.

Lithium -ion battery material recycling and utilization technology

The recycling process of waste lithium -ion batteries is important to include pre -processing, secondary treatment and in -depth treatment. Due to the remaining electricity in the waste battery, the pre -processing process includes deep discharge processes, crushing, and physical sorting; the purpose of the secondary processing is to achieve the complete separation of positive and negative polar active materials and bases. Common heat treatment method and organic solvents dissolving method , The solution method of the alkali solution and the electrolytic method to realize the complete separation of the two; in -depth treatment, including the two processes of immersion and separation and purifying, extract valuable metal materials.

According to the extraction process, the recycling method of lithium -ion batteries can be divided into: dry method recycling, wet recycling, and biological recycling.

1. Recycling method

Dry method recycling means that the recycling of materials or valuable metals does not pass through the medium such as solution. Among them, important methods include physical sorting methods and high temperature thermal solution.

2. Wet recycling

The wet recycling process is to dissolve the abandoned battery and then use the appropriate chemical reagent to selectively separate the metal elements in the immersive solution, and produce high -quality cobalt metal metal or lithium carbonate, etc., and directly recycling. Wet recycling treatment is more suitable for recycling chemistry composition of a relatively single waste lithium ion battery. The equipment investment cost is low, and it is suitable for recycling of small and medium -sized waste lithium ion batteries.



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