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Breakthrough in key fields of Sichuan vanadium flow battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On October 27, the Ya'an High Energy Vanadium Battery Electrolyte Project Review Meeting was held in the Municipal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Center. Nearly 20 well-known experts and professors from the School of Chemical Engineering of Sichuan University, the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Sichuan University, Sichuan Institute of Technology, the Central Research Institute of Dongfang Electric Group and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research conducted on-site testing and evaluation on the high-energy vanadium battery electrolyte project of Ya'an Zhongfu New Energy Source Development Co., Ltd., an enterprise incubated in the Municipal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Center, The vanadium ion concentration of the enterprise's vanadium battery in stable charge and discharge under high current density has reached 3.0mol/L, the energy density of vanadium battery has doubled, breaking through a number of major scientific and technological achievements, and taking the lead in the province.

Through five years of research and development, more than 20000 tests, the team has developed more than 500 formulations, obtained tens of thousands of sets of data, and made a major breakthrough in the field of electrolyte, the most critical core material of vanadium batteries. In the future, electric vehicles will be able to replace the electrolyte just like refueling to achieve the "second impulse" effect of "changing the liquid like changing the electricity", so as to solve the problem of "time for space" of existing electric vehicles.

Vanadium battery, a kind of mobile battery, has the advantages of large capacity, high energy efficiency, low production cost, long life, fast response, safety, reliability, and non explosion. The purpose of "instant charging" can be achieved by replacing or adding electrolyte in charging state. Unlike lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries used in small application scenarios such as mobile phones and digital products, vanadium batteries have the characteristics of super large capacity and super long charge discharge. They are one of the best choices for large-scale energy storage, and are widely used in grid connected peak shaving, grid peak shaving and valley filling, smart grid, Internet energy and other fields of wind and photovoltaic power generation, It is called "battery bank" or "engineering grade battery". At the same time, vanadium battery has almost unlimited life, and electrolyte and other key materials can be simply recycled, which is a truly environment-friendly green battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

However, vanadium battery still has some shortcomings such as low energy density and poor stability of electrolyte. How to break through the "ceiling" of energy density and improve the stability of electrolyte is a practical problem facing the development of vanadium battery. At present, Yu Zhongfu's research and development team will continue to work hard to improve the energy density, stability and charge discharge efficiency of vanadium battery electrolyte, and realize the industrialization of existing research and development achievements as soon as possible. If the energy density can be further improved, it is estimated that more than 4 national patents can be applied, filling many technical gaps in the vanadium battery field at home and abroad.



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