Blade battery has obvious security advantages -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Blade battery has obvious security advantages -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On March 29, at the BYD blade battery announcement meeting, Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor of Tsinghua University, commented that its safety advantages were obvious, its volume and energy density were high, and the battery cost would also decrease.

The blade battery performs very well in the acupuncture experiment. The long battery has a large heat dissipation area, the short circuit circuit of acupuncture is relatively long, and the heat generation capacity is reduced, so the impact on the thermal runaway of the battery is smaller. Ouyang Minggao affirmed the safety advantage of blade battery.

The safety measure of electric vehicle battery is generally called battery thermal runaway. When the temperature of the battery rises to a certain degree, it will cause a series of reactions inside the battery, and a sharp rise in temperature will cause accidents such as battery explosion.

The battery puncture test is an experiment to simulate the thermal runaway of the battery, which is also an important means for the development and performance test of the lithium battery for electric vehicles. This test is also difficult to pass, and it is not a national compulsory test at present.

In the acupuncture experiment video played on the spot at the announcement meeting, BYD used eggs to visually display the internal temperature of the battery. He Long, vice president of BYD Group and chairman of Fodie Battery, explained that the temperature of protein freezing point is about 60 degrees. We use eggs with acupuncture test to let you more visually see the change of surface temperature of different batteries after acupuncture.

The video shows that the internal short circuit of the blade battery after acupuncture does not trigger its thermal runaway, and the surface temperature is about 30 degrees. The egg white and egg yolk are still well separated. The protein did not solidify, and the surface temperature of the blade battery was very stable.

Ouyang Minggao pointed out that at present, the development direction of lithium battery for electric vehicles has three important aspects, including the innovation of battery materials and electrochemical systems; The development of smart batteries such as intelligent manufacturing and intelligent recycling; Innovative directions in battery design and product engineering. Blade battery is mainly reflected in innovation in battery design and product engineering.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

He believed that the blade battery not only has good safety in the single battery, but also has obvious advantages in the battery group. The advantages of the volume of the battery pack compared to the energy caused by its mechanism save many intermediate links, simplify the structure and process, and reduce the cost of the battery pack.

In fact, the safety of electric vehicles is the most important aspect of the development of electric vehicles, and also the primary factor for consumers to consider when choosing electric vehicles. At the same time, batteries are also the most important reason for the safety of electric vehicles.



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