Big data makes car battery management smarter -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Big data makes car battery management smarter -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

With the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry, the related industrial chain has also created more new space for innovation and entrepreneurship. Anhui Udan Technology Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity and realized the application coverage of the new energy power transportation field in only 20 months after its establishment. Among them, the company's leader Peng Yongjun played a key role.

Big data makes new energy vehicle battery management smarter

In an electric vehicle, the core component is the battery. Our battery management system is the brain equivalent of the battery. One of the most core functions is state estimation, such as remaining power, how long it can last, and so on.

Peng Yongjun told reporters that the current market problems with new energy vehicles mainly focus on the inability to achieve intelligent and real-time battery management. Peng Yongjun was the first in the industry to put forward the concept of Intelligent Battery Management System (iBMS). Their self-developed system will use two-way wireless data transmission technology and cloud platform data processing methods to provide a complete solution of battery management system from terminal to cloud, and realize online management of battery system throughout its life cycle.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The system uses a powerful remote data cloud platform to solve the shortcomings of traditional batteries in software and hardware measurement and evaluation, fault warning and other aspects. "For example, if you drive a new energy electric car, the display will show how much power is left after getting in the car. If the battery management system is done well, the battery power data will be very accurate, and there will be no inaccurate power judgment. , trap the user on the road." Peng Yongjun explained, "Our system can estimate the state and health of the battery, as well as charge and discharge management, heat management, and balance management to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the car battery."

With the support of big data, the system intelligently manages the battery usage, which can improve the battery residual power (SOC) error accuracy from 5%-8% to 3%-5%, which improves the battery balancing efficiency and prolongs the battery life. .

Start-ups committed to China's new energy vehicle business

"In the early days of the business, there was no huge income, but our team devoted themselves with enthusiasm and confidence, which has always moved me very much. In private, my friends and I affectionately call the company 'Danwo'." Peng Yongjun, who graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, has always been passionate about scientific research.

The development momentum of the new energy vehicle industry is strong. "Last year, our turnover was more than one million, and this year's goal is one hundred million." Peng Yongjun said proudly. The reporter learned that Udan Technology has provided complete vehicle supporting services for Changan Automobile and Chongqing Rich, and will cooperate with Hefei automobile enterprises in the next step.

Speaking of the industry's prospects, Peng Yongjun believes that the current development momentum of the new energy vehicle industry is strong. With the country's vigorous promotion of the new energy vehicle industry, the market demand for battery management systems is huge, and we are still full of confidence in the industry's prospects. "Actually, our goal is very simple to make the best battery management system. General Secretary Xi also said that happiness comes from struggle. My friends and I will move forward all the way and use struggle to create our own happiness. "Peng Yongjun said.



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