Bet on a new generation of batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Bet on a new generation of batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, relevant media activities announced the "White Paper on the Development of the Li-ion Battery Industry (2018)" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"). The "White Paper" shows that the output of power lithium batteries in my country exceeded 200GWh last year, but the overall output utilization rate was only 40%. The polarization of the market is very obvious. The supply of high-end high-quality production is insufficient, and the low-end production is insufficient. excess.

At present, my country's power lithium battery output has surpassed Japan, becoming the country with the largest power lithium battery shipments in the world. With the rise of star companies such as CATL and BYD, Japan's Panasonic has been pulled down from the sales champion. "The size of my country's power lithium battery market is currently conservatively estimated to have reached 50 billion yuan. Although it is divided into two levels, it is very huge in terms of development potential." Zheng Dandan, chief researcher of the power equipment and new energy industry of Zheshang Securities, told "my country Economic Information" reporter. Foreign companies such as Japan and South Korea have also noticed this trend, and are focusing on the layout of the next generation of power lithium batteries, striving to regain the dominance of the battery industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

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"Currently, electric vehicles have become an important direction for the development of the global automobile industry, and the advancement of power lithium battery technology will determine the pace of future electric vehicle marketization." Chen Qingtai, chairman of my country's Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, said. The rapid progress of the power lithium battery industry supports the improvement of the overall performance and competitiveness of electric vehicles. But at the same time, my country's power lithium battery market also has a phenomenon of coexistence of tight supply and excess production.

He pointed out that the global power lithium battery market has always been occupied by several major companies. In 2017, the top ten companies accounted for 80% of the shipments. The market will further concentrate on dominant companies. Small and low-level power lithium battery companies will be in the market. eliminated from the competition. Data shows that my country's power lithium battery supporting companies have dropped from about 150 in 2015 to about 100 in 2017, and 1/3 of the companies have been eliminated.

In this regard, Huang Shilin, vice chairman of CATL, also said: "The head effect of power lithium battery companies has been very obvious. The market share of the top five power lithium battery companies in installed capacity was 61% in 2017, and has increased to 71% in 2018. %, the head effect will be more obvious." Regarding the excess production of power lithium batteries, he also pointed out that from 2013 to 2017, the overall planned output reached 228GWh, but only 37GWh was used in 2017, so from the overall In other words, the current stage of power lithium batteries has shown a partial structural overcapacity, and it is expected that the overcapacity may continue beyond 2020.

Chen Qingtai said that the global competition of power lithium batteries is becoming increasingly fierce, and Chinese companies will gradually expand from the domestic market to the international market, and Japanese and Korean companies will also further exert force on the Chinese market. my country will become the main battlefield of power lithium battery competition, Europe and the United States. Although the country's companies have lost their positions in this round of competition, they are already making arrangements for the next stage of competition.

Therefore, he emphasized that battery technology is in the process of rapid development, and it has become a focus of the competitiveness of important countries, which is full of opportunities and faces huge challenges. The scale of production is only a shallow level of competition. The most important thing to continuously improve one's competitive position is to master the core technology and have the ability to continuously create the core technology.



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