Battery innovation center reduced to decoration -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Battery innovation center reduced to decoration -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with nine companies inside and outside the industry, invested 500 million yuan to establish the Power Lithium Battery Research Institute (a research and development platform for power lithium batteries). Today, the platform has been upgraded and the National Power Lithium Battery Innovation Center has been established after the recombination, which shows that the country attaches great importance to the new energy vehicle industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Participating companies know little about the battery innovation center reduced to "display"?

It is understood that the current capital of the National Power Lithium Battery Innovation Center has reached 850 million yuan. On the basis of the Guolian Research Institute, two new shareholders have been added. There are more than 50 units in the peripheral my country Power Lithium Battery Innovation Alliance. Such a large-scale and high-profile image is destined to be noticed by the outside world. However, I was a little surprised that people who participated in the company knew so little about it.

The author communicated with some shareholders of the company, and some issues they reported deserve attention.

First, it is difficult to determine whether participating companies voluntarily join. People in some shareholder companies do not know the Guolian Research Institute and the Innovation Center as well as the author, which may explain some problems. Will this lead to the phenomenon of "alliance but not alliance"? Some shareholders of the company expressed concern.

Secondly, most of the companies in the innovation center have the background of central and state-owned enterprises. Some people worry that their system is not as flexible as that of private companies. Will the innovation center model work under such circumstances?

Finally, large car companies and battery companies have their own R&D centers. Will the National Power Lithium Battery Innovation Center and the company's own R&D center conflict in terms of goals and tasks? Is the company willing to share the R&D results? How to ensure that the R&D capability of the innovation center is higher than that of the company?

If these problems cannot be solved, the innovation center may become a "furnishing". To this end, the author makes some suggestions.

First, innovation centers should pay attention to common basic research. The power lithium battery has not made a major breakthrough in the basic theory, which restricts the rapid progress of the application technology. The innovation center's emphasis on basic research also eliminates the concerns of the participating companies to open their own patents, and also prevents the problem of duplication with the company's research.

Second, the innovation center should be an open platform. In the process of research and development, new companies are welcome to join in and maintain the vitality of the innovation center.

Third, strengthen publicity and let everyone know more about the innovation center in order to gain greater support.



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