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Balance principle of lithium battery protection board - Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Balanced charging technologies commonly used in the balance principle of lithium-ion battery protection boards include constant shunt resistance balance charging, on-off shunt resistance balance charging, average battery voltage balance charging, switched capacitor balance charging, step-down converter balance charging, inductance balance charging, etc. When charging a group of lithium-ion batteries in series, ensure that each battery is charged equally, otherwise the performance and life of the entire group of batteries will be affected during use. However, the existing single-cell lithium-ion battery protection chips do not contain equalization charge control function, and the equalization charge control function of multi-cell lithium-ion battery protection chips needs to be externally connected to a CPU; It increases the complexity and design difficulty of the protection circuit, reduces the efficiency and reliability of the system, and increases the power consumption.

The balance principle of lithium-ion battery protection board According to the needs of the application, after changing the type of protection chip and the number of series connection, the power level of switching devices and energy-consuming components in the circuit, it can protect and protect power lithium-ion battery packs of any structure and voltage level. Equal charge.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Lithium-ion batteries are used in various computer rooms, communication base stations, data centers and other fields as a battery with a relatively large power reserve. The lithium-ion battery protection board has the function of protecting the battery and preventing the battery from being overcharged. The above is a brief introduction to the functions of the lithium-ion battery protection board. I hope you must pay attention to whether the quality of the lithium-ion battery protection board is in good condition when using or buying lithium-ion batteries.



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