AVIC Lithium Battery Expands Six Bases -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

AVIC Lithium Battery Expands Six Bases -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On November 8, AVIC Lithium Power Lithium-ion Battery and Energy Storage System Hefei Base Project started construction in Changfeng County, Hefei.

On August 10th, AVIC Lithium Power has signed an investment cooperation agreement with Hefei City. The Hefei base project with a total investment of 24.8 billion yuan has been launched in Hefei. All completed can have an annual output of 50GWh.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The project took less than three months from the signing of the contract to the start of construction, which shows the ambition of AVIC lithium battery production expansion and the urgency of production demand.

At present, AVIC Lithium has six bases in Changzhou, Xiamen, Luoyang, Chengdu, Wuhan and Hefei. On November 5, AVIC Lithium also reached a strategic cooperation with the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province to jointly build a new energy industry cluster in Northeast China.

The logic of the scale expansion of AVIC lithium battery production is that the downstream demand continues to be high, and the power lithium-ion battery company is moving towards a new cycle of large-scale production expansion, and the expansion of production will lock in the battery supply of the power lithium-ion battery and energy storage market in the TWh era in advance.

According to GGII data, it is expected that the global penetration rate of new energy vehicles will reach more than 20% by 2025, which will drive the global power lithium-ion battery shipments to reach 1,100GWh; the energy storage market will also start rapidly. The cargo volume will reach 416GWh, with a compound annual growth rate of about 72.8% in the next five years.

As the leading company in the power lithium-ion battery camp, AVIC Lithium will develop rapidly in 2021, with the installed capacity record continuing to rise, the expansion of new bases speeding up, the strong expansion of new customers, and the continuous innovation of technology fields.

In terms of installed capacity, in the first three quarters of 2021, the installed capacity of AVIC lithium-ion power lithium-ion batteries reached 5.6GWh, ranking third in the world in terms of installed capacity of power lithium-ion batteries in the world.

In the field of capital, it has completed a new round of equity financing of 12 billion yuan in September this year, and has obtained the active participation of state-owned capital and relevant upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain, and has also signed contracts with several syndicates for projects under construction.

In terms of market development, after supplying new energy models such as GAC, Changan, Shanghai Tongwu, Chery, Jimai New Energy, and BAIC, AVIC's lithium battery supporting lineup has joined the new power company. Element battery.

In terms of R&D strength, through positive development and first-principles reconstruction of battery technology, the technical concept of One-Stop is proposed, and the new technical product One-StopBettery has been unveiled. Products using this technology, iron-lithium-ion batteries support 700km battery life, ternary batteries support 1000km battery life, and are expected to be launched in June 2022.



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