Lithium battery fast charging technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Automotive lithium battery fast charging technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

What restricts the convenience of charging is that the charging speed is too slow. It has two constraining effects:

Slow charging means losing valuable time for EV owners, which is a direct cost.

The slow charging speed means that the service efficiency of renting a site to open a charging station is low, and the input and output are not cost-effective, which indirectly restricts the popularity of charging stations.

Two perspectives of fast charging technology for vehicle lithium-ion batteries

We often compare lithium-ion batteries to the water tank model: compared to most batteries, which use a conversion chemical reaction, accompanied by a significant material conversion process, lithium-ion batteries use a very unique lithium intercalation (Intercalation) ) chemical reaction, lithium ions are indeed poured back and forth between the positive electrode and the negative electrode like pouring water.

Since the lithium-ion battery is likened to a water tank model, what is the difference between water and oil? Why is it so fast to pour fuel into a gasoline car and so slow to pour power into an electric car?

This is the so-called lithium-ion battery fast charging technical problem, which should be understood from two perspectives:

The angle of charging device: Do charging piles and on-board high-voltage systems have the ability to output high power?

From the perspective of lithium-ion batteries: Under the premise of ensuring safety and life, do lithium-ion batteries have the ability to withstand high power input?

Recently, Porsche announced the Taycan, a luxury electric car. The most striking feature is the on-board 800V high-voltage system that can support 350kW of ultra-fast charging power [3]. What is the concept of 350kW? It is equivalent to stopping the air conditioners in half of the community, and the electricity saved is charged into a small electric car at the same time.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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