lithium battery project settled in Jiangxi -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Another lithium battery project settled in Jiangxi -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On December 10, Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd. invested 10 billion yuan to build a 16GWh power lithium battery project officially signed and settled in Shangrao Economic and Technological Development Zone. Chairman and CEO Yang Hongxin of Honeycomb Energy, Senior Vice President Yang Yongwang, and important leaders of Shangrao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Chen Yun and Qiu Xiangjun attended the signing ceremony.

According to the cooperation agreement, the honeycomb energy project has a total investment of 10 billion yuan and a total output of 16GWh. The project will be carried out in two phases. The first phase of the project is expected to produce 4GWh of planned output, mainly producing EV and pHEV power lithium batteries. The second phase of the project is expected to produce 12GWh of planned output, mainly producing EV power lithium batteries. The project is expected to produce and sell 16GWh in 2025 and later, with an annual main income of more than 10.8 billion yuan. So far, Honeycomb Energy has expanded its layout in the Yangtze River Delta again.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Yang Hongxin said at the scene that the cooperation with Shangrao Economic Development Zone is an important step for the expansion of Hive Energy's output and to accelerate the realization of the strategic goal. At present, Honeycomb Energy is on the track of rapid development. It is planned that the global output will exceed 600GWh by 2025. It will build a number of new factories and strive to become a leading company in the industry.

He also mentioned that Shangrao is located at the junction of the four provinces and is integrated into the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, the Haixi Economic Zone, and the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone. , which will supply abundant resources and broad market prospects for the construction of the production base of Honeycomb Energy.

Qiu Xiangjun, Deputy Secretary of Shangrao Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech that the Shangrao Power Lithium Battery Project of Honeycomb Energy is an important measure for Shangrao to develop "big industry" and realize the transformation and take-off of Shangrao's automobile industry. As a pioneer company in the field of new energy and high-tech, Honeycomb Energy has continuously achieved leapfrog development in product technology and output planning, and the development results are obvious to all. It is believed that the cooperation with Honeycomb Energy will contribute to the development of Shangrao's high-tech industry and the economic development of Shangrao City. Brings powerful push usage.

As a high-tech company in the global power lithium battery industry, Honeycomb Energy has achieved leapfrog development in 2021. It has successfully developed new products such as cobalt-free batteries, solid-state batteries, high-speed laminates, matrix battery packs, fast charging, and Fengyun platform. , new technology, new process, widely welcomed and recognized by the market. At present, Honeycomb Energy has established itself as Top 10 in the domestic installed capacity list, ranking sixth in China in terms of installed capacity from January to November, with a rapid upward trend.



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