Analysis of lithium battery recycling technology Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Analysis of lithium battery recycling technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Cascade utilization and dismantling recycling are important ways to recycle decommissioned lithium-ion batteries.

(1) Cascade utilization can realize the secondary application of decommissioned power lithium-ion batteries in the field of energy storage. Car companies and battery factories have inherent advantages, but they also face the dilemma of high recycling costs for retired batteries. At the same time, this approach has extremely high requirements on battery consistency, and some demonstration projects are currently in operation;(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

(2) Dismantling and recycling is an important current way of recycling decommissioned lithium-ion batteries. Among them, wet recycling has the highest degree of commercialization. GEM, AVIC Lithium Battery, Bangpu and other battery material manufacturers have all made arrangements, and the price of raw materials has generally risen. Against the background of , locking the price of upstream raw materials through recycling + production will be an important way for battery material manufacturers to reduce costs in the future.

The current main bodies of power lithium-ion battery recycling include small recycling workshops, professional recycling companies and government recycling centers. The recycling system with power lithium battery production companies or electric vehicle companies as the main body has not yet appeared.



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