Analysis of Lithium Battery Electrolyte -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Analysis of Lithium Battery Electrolyte -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

1. High specific energy electrolyte
The pursuit of high specific energy is the biggest research direction of lithium-ion batteries at present, especially when mobile devices account for more and more in people's lives, battery life has become the most critical performance of batteries.

2. High-power electrolyte
At present, it is difficult for commercial lithium-ion batteries to achieve high-rate continuous discharge. The important reason is that the battery tabs are seriously heated, and the internal resistance causes the overall temperature of the battery to be too high, which is prone to thermal runaway. Therefore, it is required that the electrolyte solution can restrain the battery from heating up too quickly while maintaining high conductivity. As for power lithium batteries, realizing fast charging is also an important direction for the development of electrolytes.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

3. Wide temperature electrolyte
At high temperatures, the battery is prone to self-decomposition of the electrolyte and intensified side reactions between materials and electrolyte components; while at low temperatures, electrolyte salt precipitation and negative electrode SEI film impedance may multiply. The so-called wide temperature electrolyte is to make the battery have a wider working environment.

4. Safety electrolyte
The safety of the battery is mainly reflected in the combustion and even explosion. First of all, the battery itself is flammable. Therefore, when the battery is overcharged, overdischarged, or short-circuited, when it receives external acupuncture or extrusion, when the external temperature is too high, may lead to safety incidents. Therefore, flame retardancy is an important direction in the research of safe electrolytes.

5. Long-cycle electrolyte
Due to the current technical difficulties in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, especially the recycling of power lithium batteries, improving the life of the battery is a way to alleviate this situation.



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