Aluminum battery subverts the industry pattern -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Aluminum battery subverts the industry pattern -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

"It will revolutionize electric vehicles and energy storage." This is the slogan on the homepage of the Delaware-based company's website.

No precious metals such as cobalt and nickel are used, there is no dendrite trouble, no thermal runaway, the battery life is 1200 kilometers, and the service life for automobiles is as high as 15 years. This is the enhanced aluminum-ion battery (EnhancedAlteredAluminumIon, hereinafter referred to as "EaI") recently announced by Saturnose, a "new cutting edge in the battery industry" that far exceeds lithium-ion batteries on paper.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

With the power of new energy vehicles, lithium-ion batteries will be in the limelight in 2021. At the end of the year, aluminum-ion batteries were suddenly born. The indicators on paper were excellent, and they "killed" lithium-ion batteries in terms of battery life, safety, and cycle times. Not only that, but aluminum-ion batteries are reportedly even planned to be commercialized in 2022, slowly replacing less cost-effective lithium-ion batteries.

Are lithium-ion batteries about to fall from the "throne"? Are aluminum-ion batteries "on paper" or revolutionary technology? "Daily Economic News" reporters launched an investigation.

How sacred is the Saturnose that popped up out of nowhere

For a long time, Tesla, CATL, BYD and other industry leaders have been leading the progress of the battery industry, such as CATL's CTP technology and sodium-ion battery, BYD blade battery and Tesla's recently launched 4680 battery.

The EaI paper data presented by Saturnose this time is perfect. But most people in the battery industry may not know about Saturnose. Saturnose's website shows it is based in Delaware, and Forbes' report describes it as an Asian company, a group of Indian researchers backed by Saudi Arabian capital.

According to reports, Saturnose’s EaI battery was initially funded by two rounds of seed funding from Saudi Arabia’s DanaVentureFund and has been in “stealth development” for the past five years. Commercialization of the technology is also supported by the Indian government, with plans to build a technology center at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and plans to collaborate with THMFraunhofer in Germany.

In addition, other channels rarely have Saturnose related reports. The "Daily Economic News" reporter learned through the wisdom bud global patent library that Saturnose does not have a patent related to aluminum ion batteries. By searching for the keyword "aluminum-ion battery", it was found that the company that applied for more patents for aluminum-ion batteries in the United States was a company named Everon24, Inc., with a total of 16 patent applications.

Interestingly, the reporter further inquired about Everon24 related information, but has not been able to find the company's official website. In the end, I found information about Everon24 on the official website of the SEC (US Securities Regulatory Commission). Everon24 was established in Massachusetts in 2015, has a branch in Delaware, and the company type is a foreign company (ie, non-US capital).

The reporter also learned from the Pitchbook website that the patents held by Everon24 are mainly related to aluminum-ion batteries, including the "rechargeable aluminum-ion battery" first applied for on October 11, 2016, and a number of water-based aluminum batteries applied for in March 2019. Ion battery patent.

Recently, the "rechargeable aluminum-ion battery" held by Everon24 has been authorized in my country again. According to the Patent Star website, the patent application date is October 11, 2016, and the grant notification date is November 2, 2021. In addition to my country and the United States, the patent has also been registered in Europe and South Korea. It can be said that the patent is almost protected in important battery production areas in the world. It can be seen that the "rechargeable aluminum-ion battery" is the earliest patent application and its core patent.

One of the inventors of the "rechargeable aluminum-ion battery" is Rahul Mukherjee (Rahul Mukherjee). According to the Pitchbook website, one of the co-founders of Everon24 is RahulMukherjeePh.D (Dr. Rahul Mukherjee) . The reporter checked on LinkedIn and found that Rahul Mukherjee is basically Indian and Indian.

Comparing Saturnose's official website, it has several similarities with Everon24. The branch of Everon24 is in Delaware, and Saturnose is also in Delaware; the core patent of Everon24 is "rechargeable aluminum-ion battery", and the aluminum-ion battery disclosed by Saturnose is also rechargeable; the core technicians of Everon24 may be Indians, Of Indian origin, Saturnose also has a deep Indian background.




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