Advantages of new energy vehicle batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Advantages of new energy vehicle batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New energy vehicle battery breakthrough

"In the past year, the electric vehicle industry is transforming to high -quality development, and the situation is very happy." On January 7, on the eve of the forum on the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People Association, Chen Qingtai, the chairman of the Chinese Electric Vehicle Hundred People Association, accepted the 21st century. Economic Herald reporter said in an interview.

The main manifestations of high -quality development and transformation are: positive development has almost completely replaced the reverse development, the continuous improvement of innovation capabilities, and a large level of overall technology; From low -end to medium and high -end, some of them have proposed to aim at high -end cars and luxury brands.

At the same time, when major automobile companies in the world are scrambling to announce the transition to electric vehicles, the industrial system of my country's electric vehicle is gradually improving. The main parts and components, especially the power batteries, have always maintained international first -class levels. soon.

The price -performance ratio will be super fuel cars

"The development of electric vehicles should cross a critical point, that is, the cost performance of electric vehicles has reached and exceeded fuel vehicles. If this hurdle is crossed, electric vehicles can rely on market forces to develop independently. Subsidies. "Chen Qingtai told reporters.

In this regard, Chen Qingtai suggested that car companies be prepared in the following aspects: First of all, after the fiscal subsidy retreats, the guarantee of sustainable development is done. In addition, the electric vehicle itself should increase cost -effectiveness through lightweight and energy saving; Secondly, the product technology requires a double line. One front line is to improve the driving function of the car, and the other front is to apply intelligent networking and sharing to new energy vehicles. Third, autonomous driving is a commanding height for the future; Fourth, in a limited time, we must quickly do brand building.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

At the same time, with the deep integration of new technologies such as electrification, intelligence, and informatization of the automotive industry, a large number of new forces car manufacturing companies have emerged in my country. From follow -up to influence all over the world, the Chinese automobile industry is getting out of a large automotive country. The road towards the power of the car.

"To truly stand on the world on electric vehicles, or do our characteristics, it is difficult to do it better than traditional cars. If you can do your best, it is possible to defeat it, because this is our strength. I very much hope that Internet companies will enter the electric vehicle industry with large spans and share this cake to change the genes of traditional cars. "Chen Qingtai said.

However, Ouyang Minggao, deputy chairman of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People, emphasized that although the core technology of electric vehicles is usually battery, motor, and electrical control, for the vehicle manufacturers, they are more brands and technology , Integration of marketing services.

Compared with traditional cars, this is particularly obvious in electric vehicles, and the gap between Chinese car companies and foreign car companies is more in terms of comprehensive power consumption. "Nissan's new generation of listening wind runs more than 300 kilometers under European conditions, and can even run to 400 kilometers under Japanese working conditions. The gap between our national car companies and their Tell reporters.

Power battery is very large than the energy breakthrough

"At present, technology research and development at home and abroad is basically at the same level, but the core of lithium -ion batteries is security." Ouyang Minggao said that in the special research of new energy vehicles, Ningde Times New Energy, Tianjin Lishen, and Hefei Guoxuan have obtained Larger technical breakthroughs.

It is understood that the energy density of the power battery in Ningde Times has reached 304 watt -hours / kg, and the circulation life is basically about 1,000 times, and the safety test is all passed. It's almost a few.



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