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Actual development of power lithium battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The "China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum" was held in Xi'an on September 1-2. The forum was hosted by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneur Association, hosted by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, and co sponsored by the People's Government of Xi'an. The theme of the forum was "Striving for the World Class: the Development of Large Enterprises in a New Era". Liu Ke, Vice President of the National Friendship Association, Foreign Academician of the Australian National Academy of Engineering, and Dean of the Clean Energy Research Institute of Southern University of Science and Technology, attended and delivered a speech.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

He believed that it was "nonsense" for the Chinese automobile industry to want to overtake through electric vehicle corners. Although Tesla had been hyping, it was losing money every quarter. In the first quarter of this year, BYD's profits fell by 83%. First, the cost has increased greatly, and second, the state subsidy has decreased.

He thinks that there is a big problem with electric vehicles - energy density. Today, the density of lead-acid batteries is 90, lithium batteries is 240, BYD is 180, but gasoline is 8600.

"Chinese diesel cars can't do as well as European cars and gasoline cars can't do as well as American and Japanese cars, so they engage in electric cars. Is it wrong to choose the right technology to overtake at corners?"

Electric vehicles have their advantages over taxis and buses on fixed lines. But Liu Ke pointed out that if you buy an electric vehicle in Xi'an today, you dare not drive to Baoji. He thinks that electric vehicles will not become the mainstream in the future. Another problem is battery recycling. "If we don't recycle, millions of batteries will be scattered all over China, which is an environmental disaster."

He believes that it is a visible direction to replace diesel oil with methanol in the future.

The following is an excerpt of the speech:

Liu Ke: I will tell you about energy today. In fact, the three basic assumptions I made before I talked about China's energy strategy in the previous paragraph are gone.

The first is that there is no oil and gas in the world, and the second is carbon dioxide. The third assumption is that the promotion of clean energy is China's environmental problem, smog.

I remember three years ago, when Chai Jing's video came out, there was a very small seminar on the two sessions. When talking about this meeting, the chief editor of the Global Times was at. On April 8, 2015, I wrote an article in the Global Times about the source of haze.

The first reason is bulk coal, which is directly discharged after direct combustion without any treatment. China has 750 million tons, 99% of the desulfurization of large power plants, and burning a ton of bulk coal is equivalent to 99 tons of large power plants. No one has ever calculated the total account of how many billion cubic meters of gas are produced in China. In the end, if the calorific value of 300 million tons of standard coal is not available, how to reduce gas from coal. Last winter, despite the figures, they were published eight years ago. As a result, people forced coal to gas. After the change of coal to gas last winter, the price of natural gas was six times that of the United States. Wind energy and solar energy have been developed for 40 years, and the total power generation is more than one hundred million. In the short term, wind energy and solar energy are not enough. What should I do? To clean the air, China must first clean the coal before burning it.

The second is that China is a large agricultural country with low-quality diesel and old diesel engines.

The third is ammonia emissions caused by the use of large amounts of chemical fertilizers. Because part of the farmland has been absorbed and part of it has gone into the air. Desulfurization turns sulfur into sulfuric acid in the air. Light has acid gas to form haze. The combination of the two is haze. 52% of particles are formed in this way. Let me talk about how to solve the problem of chemical fertilizer, not only chemical fertilizer, but also air pollution.

Fertilization is not something that we suddenly did after many years of research. During World War II, the United States built more than 100 nitric acid plants. Later, the grass grew rapidly in the place where ammonium nitrate was piled, and it was found that it could be used as fertilizer. But the influence of this chemical fertilizer does have its concealment. You can use it for three years, five years and ten years. But after 30 years, 50 years later, the problem comes. Ammonium nitrate is strong in acid and weak in alkali, and nitric acid remains in the soil. Over the long term, it kills the bacteria in the soil, causing the soil to harden.



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