Zero carbon in battery industry chain -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Zero carbon in battery industry chain -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Under the carbon neutrality goal, how to quickly respond to the zero-carbon transition in the upstream and downstream of power lithium-ion batteries has become a new proposition in the industry.

Since 2021, the "dual control" of domestic energy consumption has caused many battery industry chain companies to fall into the predicament of limiting production and electricity; at the same time, with the commitment of global car companies to the goal of carbon neutrality, the power lithium-ion battery link has become the realization of electric vehicles. The key to life-cycle carbon neutrality.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Under the pressure from inside and outside, industrial chain companies urgently need rapid strategic adjustment and systematic changes to adapt to the new situation in the new cycle. Power lithium-ion battery companies including CATL, Envision Power, and LG Energy have all started or are planning to formulate carbon neutrality. schedule.

Among them, the first action is the vision power.

In April, Envision Technology Group, the parent company of Envision Power, announced that it will achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by the end of 2022 and carbon neutrality in the entire supply chain by the end of 2028, becoming the first Chinese company to commit to achieving carbon neutrality in the entire value chain.

In July, Vision Power teamed up with Nissan to build the world's first zero-carbon new industrial zone in the UK that integrates electric vehicle production, power lithium-ion battery manufacturing, zero-carbon smart grids, and renewable energy power systems.

In September, Envision Technology Group and my country FAW Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields such as green travel, green energy, high-end power lithium-ion batteries, zero-carbon industrial parks, and renewable energy systems.

In October, Erdos officially launched the world's first zero-carbon industrial park together with Envision Technology Group. A series of lithium battery material companies such as cathodes, anodes, aluminum-plastic films, separators, electrolytes, copper foils, and aluminum foils will all settle in.

As the core part of the zero-carbon industrial park, Envision Power's power lithium-ion battery manufacturing base plans to have a total output of 20GWh. It will supply power lithium-ion batteries for more than 30,000 electric heavy trucks every year, and will also supply more than 10GWh of energy storage batteries for wind-solar storage applications. . The first phase of the 10GWh project will achieve mass production early next year.

The Vision Zero-Carbon Industrial Park will build a "wind + solar + storage + smart microgrid" system and electrify steam supply, enabling 100% of battery manufacturing to use green energy.

By combining technical advantages in the fields of renewable energy, energy storage, smart grid, and energy management, Envision provides the company with end-to-end zero-carbon solutions, helping the company to optimize energy management and carbon management in an all-round way.

For power lithium-ion battery supply chain companies, in the face of car companies' requirements for carbon neutrality in the supply chain, relying on the vision's zero-carbon industrial park and its zero-carbon technology methods, it can provide upstream companies with carbon footprint traceability and carbon neutrality solutions method.

Especially for upstream companies that want to go overseas, the “aircraft carrier cluster” type of going to sea formed by Vision’s zero-carbon industrial park can not only fully meet the current global increasingly stringent requirements for carbon neutrality, but also help domestic supply chain companies to achieve international The layout of the company will be more deeply involved in the global power lithium-ion battery supply chain system.



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