Which brand of lithium battery die cutting machine is better? Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Which brand of lithium battery die cutting machine is better?

Lithium battery die-cutting machine brands in various countries have different starting times. Although Japan and South Koreas die-cutting machine related equipment have been involved earlier, after several years of domestic manufacturers efforts to catch up, they have been very close in efficiency. In terms of stability, domestic brands and domestic brands Japanese and Korean brands are almost the same.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)
      The domestic lithium battery industry is experiencing rapid development, but related standards have not been able to keep up, resulting in a large number of battery models and processes in the entire market. Therefore, when purchasing a die-cutting machine, lithium battery manufacturers must fully consider their own needs. Foreign brands have high prices. If they choose foreign brands and it is difficult to increase the quantity of a single product, it is difficult to reduce the cost. The price of domestic brands may be more affordable, and the cost of choosing domestic brands may be lower, but the production capacity is not as high as choosing foreign brands. At this time, we must also consider the issue of subsequent scale expansion. In short, when choosing a brand of lithium battery die-cutting machine, it is necessary to weigh the actual situation and long-term goals.
Yixinfeng's die-cutting machine's single-station production capacity for positive and negative laminates is equal to the production capacity of other manufacturers' double stations, and the efficiency is at least doubled, while the yield rate can be maintained at around 98%. The lightweight carbon fiber roller reduces the weight of the roller from 2.8kg to 0.5kg, which provides effective technical support for high-speed die-cutting.



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