What technology is the Kirin battery of CATL -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

What technology is the Kirin battery of CATL? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The Kirin battery of CATL (300750. SZ) was finally unveiled.

On June 23, CATL officially announced the third-generation CTP (CellToPack) technology, and announced that this new product called "Kirin battery" will be mass produced and launched next year.

Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Motor (02015. HK), forwarded the news released by Kirin Battery on Weibo platform, and commented that "see you next year". The official Wechat of CATL then forwarded Li Xiang's microblog and commented that "Kirin has ideals".

On the same day, CATL confirmed to the interface news that the new energy vehicles of Ideal Car had been determined to carry the Kirin battery.

Ideal Auto said to Interface News that the cooperation between the company and CATL is subject to Li Xiang's remarks, and there is no other information available for the time being. CATL is currently the power lithium battery supplier of ONE and L9 models of ideal cars.

Kirin battery has nothing to do with materials, it is an innovation of battery structure. In March of this year, Wu Kai, the chief scientist of CATL, disclosed at the forum of China's Electric Vehicle 100 People's Congress that the company will launch the third generation CTP technology, with the internal code of Kirin battery.

CTP is a non-module power lithium battery pack. The technical highlight is to skip the module and directly integrate the cell into a battery pack. It is suitable for both lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary battery.

Because the module shell wrapped outside the battery cell is removed, the battery pack has more space to arrange the battery cells, and the overall energy density is increased, thus improving the range. At the same time, the number of components of the battery pack has been greatly reduced, reducing the manufacturing cost and weight.

According to CATL, Kirin battery can increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery system to 160Wh/kg, and the energy density of ternary battery system to 255Wh/kg, realizing the vehicle's 1000km endurance. Ternary battery and lithium iron phosphate are the two main technical routes of lithium battery. They use different cathode materials.

At the high-end dialogue of the power lithium battery industry held this month, Wu Kai said that compared with the traditional square shell battery with the water-cooled plate at the bottom of the battery pack, Kirin battery placed the water-cooled plate in the middle of the battery pack, which improved the safety, fast charging performance, service life and energy density of the battery.

Wu Kai said that after adding a water-cooled plate in the middle of the battery pack, the heat conduction of the two adjacent cells can be reduced, which can prevent the chain reaction of the whole battery caused by the thermal runaway of a single cell, thus improving the safety of the battery. At the same time, the cold water plate placed in the middle of the battery pack can contact the battery cell on both sides, the cooling area is increased, and the water cooling effect is more obvious, to alleviate the problem of excessive temperature during charging.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

CATL said that under the same chemical system and the same battery package size, the power of Kirin battery will be 13% higher than that of 4680 battery system.

The 4680 battery is a large cylindrical battery with a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm. It has the advantages of high mileage and low cost, and is the leading battery technology route of TSLA in the future.

Wu Kai explained that the design of placing the water-cooled plate in the middle of the battery pack can save and reduce the space used for water-cooling, heat insulation and buffering of the battery pack, and increase the possibility of storing more power for the Kirin battery.

CATL disclosed that the volume utilization rate of Kirin battery reached 72%, 17 percentage points higher than the first-generation CTP.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, CATL announced the company's first generation CTP technology for the first time. In September of the same year, CATL announced that the CTP battery pack will be carried on the BAIC New Energy EU5 model, which is the first passenger car project to land after the technology was released.

CATL later updated the CTP technology to version 2.0, but did not publicly disclose the details of the new generation of CTP technology. According to the annual report of CATL, the second generation CTP products based on lithium iron phosphate have been delivered in large quantities in 2021.

According to Gaogong Lithium Telegraph, since 2021, CATLCTP battery packs have been introduced into models such as TSLA Model 3, Model Y, Xiaopeng P7 and Weilai ES6 on a large scale.



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