Volkswagen ID.R with secret battery tech -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Volkswagen ID.R with secret battery tech -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Volkswagen is planning a new electric sports car, the ID.R, which is expected to enter production around 2025. According to VW's high-level sources, the vehicle will be built on VW's MEB platform, on which the ID.3 model was also born. It is reported that the ID.R model will use high-performance battery technology, this model is launched to compete with the TSLARoadster model.

Volkswagen has designed several research models for the new car at its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, and the ID.R will be the first to use a "high-performance battery" being developed in-house. The new battery technology is derived from the patented battery technology used in the Volkswagen ID.R prototype, which has set several performance records in recent years. At present, Volkswagen is making final adjustments to the performance parameters of the battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Although Volkswagen has kept the battery technology secret, according to internal sources, this battery uses a completely different technology from the ID.3 battery. In addition, in order to improve sales and economic efficiency, the ID.R battery adopts a new CTP (module-free power lithium battery pack) structure. Previously, the head of Volkswagen's R department revealed that the biggest difference between a pure electric ordinary family car and a high-performance road car is the power lithium battery management system and cooling system.

The ID.R will come in a two-seater or 2+2-seat design, and will likely have a similar dual-motor setup to VW's upcoming ID.4 model. It is reported that the ID.R will not only become the Volkswagen brand's first electric flagship sports car, but also may provide the basis for Audi to develop an electric sports car, which previously planned to develop an electric version of the TT model. (Compile/Auto House Shanglu Yan Mingwei)



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