Thin-film solar + solid-state lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Thin-film solar + solid-state lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

A few days ago (July 26), Donghan New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Bluecar, a subsidiary of BOLLOREGROUp, held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing.

As Hanergy has been working hard to promote the application of thin-film solar products in automotive energy supply, Bollore Group and its subsidiary Bluecar have huge markets and technologies in new energy vehicle manufacturing, shared vehicles, especially solid-state lithium-ion batteries Advantage. Therefore, the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties is likely to be closely related to Hanergy's mobile energy strategy. In this regard, Wang Xin, general manager of Donghan New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., said in response to the cooperation, "Both Hanergy and Bollore believe that there is a huge opportunity for 'thin film solar + solid-state lithium-ion batteries' to create a new type of" Electric vehicle powertrain'."

According to Wang Xin, according to Hanergy's current design method, the thin-film product used in automobiles is a double-junction gallium arsenide battery, and its current photoelectric conversion efficiency has reached 31.6%. From this calculation, if a thin-film solar system can be installed on a car with an area of ​​5 square meters, then 5 square meters will generate 1.58 kWh of electricity per hour. If there is 5 hours of sunlight per day, this system can generate 8 kWh of electricity per day. . According to the calculation that 1 kWh of electricity can support a lightweight car for 10 kilometers in the future, then, theoretically, only with solar energy, under certain lighting conditions, the car can travel 80 kilometers per day. "But in order to truly meet the requirements of long-distance travel in a short period of time, we need a battery with advanced technology and high energy density." Wang Xin believes, "Bolorey's solid-state lithium-ion battery may be the best choice at present. "(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

According to public information, Bollore Group has been cultivating solid-state lithium-ion batteries for 20 years, and its current advantages are mainly concentrated in safety (continued in practical applications), no attenuation, and great potential for energy density. "Bolorey's solid-state lithium-ion battery has been mass-produced for seven years since 2011. Because there is no 'thermal runaway', there has not been any combustion accident." Wang Xin said, "We are even confident that electric vehicles will be realized in a future. Only plug in once a month to three months, so as to meet the needs of long-distance travel, and greatly reduce people's range anxiety and charging anxiety when using electric vehicles.

Therefore, we also have a layout in the field of solar charging and swapping of electric vehicles. "Public information shows that as early as 2014 at the delivery ceremony of the first batch of users of TSLA Beijing, TSLA announced two solar charging station systems for electric vehicles designed and manufactured by Hanergy according to the needs of TSLA.

It is understood that Bollore Group is a family company with a long history of more than 190 years. Its revenue in 2017 was 20 billion euros and its net profit was 5 billion euros. It currently employs 58,000 employees in 143 countries. And Bluecar, a subsidiary of Bollore Group, operates tens of thousands of electric vehicles.

At the same time, "Bolorey is also a very innovative company. As early as 2008, they proposed the goal of reducing the weight of cars to less than 1 ton." Wang Xin said.

According to the inquiry, among the precedents Bolloré is currently cooperating with Chinese companies, in addition to the cooperation agreement signed with Hanergy mentioned above, there is only cooperation established with Alibaba. According to reports, Bollore Group revealed that the global cooperation agreement it signed with Alibaba will cover other fields such as cloud computing services, clean energy, logistics and new digital technologies and innovations.



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