Charging piles increase and change -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The increase of charging piles changes the predicament -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Electric vehicles are the mainstream trend of the future automobile industry, and the construction of supporting charging piles is a key part of its promotion process. What is the domestic situation of the charging pile industry, which is developing well abroad? Taking Beijing as an example, there are currently about 20,000 public charging piles, but the utilization rate is less than 10%. It can be seen that the domestic demand for electric vehicle charging is not strong, and the charging pile Filled a few piles. When will this impasse be broken?(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

From the government to the company, all are actively exploring, and the future can be expected.

The government promotes the construction of charging piles at gas stations

The construction of charging piles has received attention and support from governments around the world.

The European Union has released a new draft electric vehicle regulation saying that from 2019, all new houses (including renovations) and apartment buildings must be equipped with electric vehicle charging points. In 2017, the British government introduced the "Automation and Electric Vehicles Act", requiring electric vehicle charging piles to be installed at the country's highway service stations and important gas stations.

After years of exploration and efforts, the foreign charging pile industry has become more and more mature, guiding the development of the domestic charging pile industry and helping it take the first step (only Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are used as examples).

In 2017, Beijing's local standard "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning and Design Regulations" requires that residential, commercial, office, hospital, gas stations, expressway service areas, tourist places, etc., all parking lots will be equipped with electric vehicle charging infrastructure. facility.

The "Shanghai Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Special Plan (2016-2020) (Draft for Comment)" pointed out that by 2020, the number of new energy vehicle charging piles in Shanghai will reach at least 211,000.

In June 2018, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology and the Bureau of Finance announced the "Guangzhou Municipal Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Subsidy Fund Management Measures". The policy clarifies that Guangzhou will provide subsidies for the construction and operation of public and dedicated charging facilities projects.

International oil companies have deployed

Under the background that governments of various countries strongly support the development of new energy vehicles, major international oil companies have responded.

After British Petroleum (Bp) invested in becoming a supplier of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States at the beginning of this year, in May, it joined hands with my country's electric vehicle company - Weilai Capital to explore new opportunities in the field of mobility in my country, and last month acquired British electric vehicles. Charging company Chargemaster is preparing to install charging piles at 1,200 petrol stations in the UK.

In early 2017, Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) announced that it would install DC fast charging piles at gas stations in the UK and the Netherlands. In October 2017, Shell acquired NewMotion, one of Europe's largest electric vehicle charging companies, and took over the more than 30,000 charging points it operates in Europe.

In February 2017, the CEO of the French oil company Total announced that the company will install charging piles at its gas stations in France, and also plans to cooperate with French automaker pSA Group to jointly build charging piles.

"Three barrels of oil" is actively trying

As early as August 2010, under the advocacy of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, 16 central enterprises including my country's FAW, Changan Automobile, my country National Petroleum, my country Petrochemical, and my country National Offshore Oil established a central company electric vehicle industry alliance in Beijing. "Three barrels of oil" is involved in the top-level design of new energy vehicles. The goal of the alliance is to promote the technology of the overall development of the electric industry, optimize the allocation of resources, prevent duplication of construction, unify the interfaces and standards of each link of the industry chain, and share the research and development results.

In this context, "Three Barrels of Oil" has actively cooperated with many parties to carry out the pilot and promotion of the charging and replacing business in gas stations. my country's petroleum and my country's petrochemical have made some substantial progress.



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