The future of lithium titanate battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The future of lithium titanate battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Future development of lithium titanate battery technology

It is necessary to comprehensively summarize the advantages and disadvantages of lithium titanate as a lithium anode material, including ultra-high safety, ultra-long life, high and low temperature work planning, high power, low cost, and green environmental protection. Disadvantages: low energy density of lithium titanate data, strong water absorption, high requirements for the battery manufacturing environment, the production process needs to be updated accordingly, the new process needs to invest in necessary equipment and high humidity control, while lithium titanate battery applications The market hasn't fully opened yet.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the current environment where the Chinese government is vigorously developing new energy and related industries, how to promote lithium titanate battery technology and its application in the electric vehicle and energy storage market is an opportunity for my country's lithium titanate battery industry. For domestic Zhuhai Yinlong, Huzhou Weihong, Shenzhen Bolida, Sichuan Xingneng, Shenzhen Beicui and other companies with some independent intellectual property advantages and sales channels, it should be a unique opportunity. Many people do not realize that my country has an intellectual property advantage in lithium titanate technology, while the so-called mainstream chemistry of lithium iron phosphate batteries does not have this advantage.

Catching up with Japan and South Korea in energy density of lithium titanate batteries is a smart move. Of course, it is necessary to study the entire Li-ion battery chemistry system, such as high-potential electrolytes and antioxidant barriers. my country's lithium-ion battery industry will be rewarded for its development of lithium-ion titanate battery technology in emerging markets for electric vehicles, energy storage and industrial applications.



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