Lithium battery recycling production line -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The first lithium battery recycling production line in China -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to Henan Daily, after more than a year of arduous innovation and repeated tests, the Electric Power Research Institute of Henan Electric Power Company successfully designed and built the first 5,000-ton/year dry-process fully automatic power lithium battery recycling production line in China. Efficient and environmentally friendly recycling of ion batteries.

As a Ph.D. of the Electric Power Research Institute and deputy director of the State Grid Corporation's Power Grid Waste Recycling Technology Laboratory, Zhao Guangjin is committed to "turning waste into treasure", and has become a researcher in the field of exploring the huge environmental protection and economic potential of retired electric vehicle batteries. The pioneer and pathfinder of its cascade utilization and recycling.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In 2010, with the support of State Grid Corporation of China, Zhao Guangjin took the lead in researching the cascade utilization of retired batteries. In order to realize interconnection and interoperability of the global energy Internet, distributed new energy sources such as wind energy and photovoltaic power generation of different power quality and different frequencies are connected to the grid, including peak regulation and frequency regulation of the grid, peak shaving and valley filling, and a "reservoir" is required, that is, energy storage system. Energy storage systems are subject to high technical costs and cannot be utilized on a large scale. And if the retired electric vehicle battery is used as an energy storage system in cascade, it can not only meet the demand, but also cost only one-third of the same type of new battery.

In Zhao Guangjin's research, the retired battery has achieved two "gorgeous turns". For the first time, at the Jianshan Experimental Base in Xinmi, the first 100-kilowatt wind-solar storage microgrid demonstration project based on decommissioned batteries was built in China, which successfully verified the cascade utilization capability of decommissioned batteries. The second is the low-cost green recycling of copper, aluminum and the most expensive and rare "lithium" in electric vehicle batteries, which not only realizes the harmless disposal of harmful substances, but also reuses the recycled materials for the production of battery materials to realize resource recycling. .

Thanks to Zhao Guangjin's unremitting efforts, the Academy of Electric Power Saving has innovatively built the first dry-process fully automatic power lithium battery recycling production line in China. The production line abandons the traditional fire method, wet method and other high energy consumption and high pollution recycling and processing technologies. It has the characteristics of high recycling efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and no secondary pollution. The processing capacity per hour is 800 kg and the annual processing capacity reaches 5000 tons. The recycling rate of valuable components of waste lithium-ion batteries reaches more than 90%. The production line realizes the recycling of battery materials, solves the "bottleneck" and "worry" of the sustainable development of energy storage and new energy vehicles, and makes due contributions to the promotion of clean energy development in my country.



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