The Heart of Electric Vehicle Safety -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The core of electric vehicle safety is battery safety -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, Ouyang Minggao, head of the overall expert group for major electric vehicle projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and executive vice chairman of the my country Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, said that the core of electric vehicle safety is battery safety, and the battery safety problem is first caused by "overheating". The battery can only work normally within a certain temperature range, and if the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, a series of self-generated heat reactions will occur.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

"When the temperature reaches 150-250 degrees Celsius, thermal runaway will occur, such as diaphragm collapse, electrolyte burning, etc." Ouyang Minggao said that thermal runaway will cause fire and combustion accidents, not only related to the material system of the battery, but also related to the battery related to the management system.

In addition to batteries, testing the safety of new energy vehicles are also charging facilities and vehicles. "The overall level of the charger industry is poor in the battery, charger and vehicle industries. Moreover, the charger industry has problems in product access and quality assurance, and the overall product quality is uneven." Ouyang Minggao said frankly, The standard of charging piles is also in a transitional stage.

"The use of ternary batteries has been suspended recently, and we are formulating technical standards for passenger cars." Ouyang Minggao said that from the perspective of vehicle safety, the current battery specific energy is gradually improving, and the safety technical requirements for the vehicle are also getting higher and higher. my country's electric vehicles, especially electric buses, have relatively weak safety regulations. Ouyang Minggao said that although some safety problems have occurred in electric vehicles, they can be solved through scientific management, quality control, and technological innovation. Lost confidence in industrial development. From a global perspective, the development of renewable energy, distributed power generation and electric vehicles is the general trend. In the future, electric vehicles will not only be the terminal of information and logistics, but also the terminal of energy consumption, energy storage and energy return of the entire energy Internet.

It is reported that the forthcoming electric vehicle safety report will put forward a series of suggestions for the current safety problems of electric vehicles, such as certification of underground garage charging piles, further optimization of battery testing standards, implementation of waterproof and dustproof electric vehicles, and battery attenuation. Annual inspection, etc.



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